Beyond the Horizon

We went on an amusing hike to Mount de la Virgen. On its summit, we caught a panoramic sight of the entire area. We found the strong snowed silhouette of Mount Champaquí on the horizon.

The morning rain convinced me that I could laze about for a little longer than what I had planned. The warm sheets of the Howard Johnson Hotel were too soft to be abandoned so soon. After indulging myself as much as possible, I resolved that it would be best to get up and see what I could do on such a cloudy day.

A delicious hot shower finally woke me up. I had breakfast and walked out of the hotel. The rain had stopped and some sunbeams would timidly peep out from behind the clouds. It was Sunday. While I strolled about its streets, I watched the village waking up.

Heading for the town center, as I bordered Provincial Route 5, I found the access road to Mount de la Virgen. This is a famous pilgrimage destination in August and the scenery for an exciting downhill torch parade in January.

  • A panoramic sight of the entire area

    A panoramic sight of the entire area

  • An image of the Virgencita del Valle

    An image of the Virgencita del Valle

  • An attractive sight of Villa General Belgrano

    An attractive sight of Villa General Belgrano

  • Snowed silhouette of Mount Champaquí

    Snowed silhouette of Mount Champaquí

As the clouds were no longer threatening and, what is more, they were slowly disappearing, I resolved to set out to the top. Walking is a complete exercise in which all the muscles of the body are used and it is good for the heart. Besides, it is one of the activities I like best, especially when the end of the hike promises a panoramic sight.

Immediately after crossing the gate, I turned right until I got to the slope.

I began to hike along the trail. At the beginning, it was quite steep but there are a couple of areas where to catch one's breath.

As I advanced, the sight became bigger and bigger, stealing all my attention. The sun became the owner of the sky and, as if by magic, slided the lead-colored clouds to one side.
The trail was made up by rocks mostly from the Pre-Cambrian period, based on quartz, feldspathoid and mica.

After an intense 45-minute walk, I got to the summit of the mount. Once there, I came across an image of the Virgencita del Valle (the Valley's Virgin). I caught an attractive sight of Villa General Belgrano from there. Among the red tile roofs, the tower of the town hall stood out with its particular shape, which resembles the towers from the tales of knights, maidens and dragons. I also watched the entire Sierras Grandes Mountain Range and was surprised to see them covered with snow. Mount Champaquí, with its impressive silhouette, seemed to watch the thin line of the horizon, which would get lost in the distance. Furthermore, I could see the water mirror formed by the Los Molinos Dam on the right. A real postcard.

After a few seconds, while a soft breeze was daring to play with the romerillo shrubs while generating a fresh smell of wild plants, I resolved to abandon the visual and go back once again, as always, to the small great city.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Marcelo Sola

DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: 1,30 hours
How to get hereHow to get here: The hike leaves from the gate indicating the access to the mount, 100 meters from the YPF gas station located on Provincial Route 5, which passes by Villa General Belgrano.