Medieval Festival in Villa General Belgrano

Location: Salón de Eventos de Villa General Belgrano, Av. Julio A. Roca Nº 168
Date: From 11/17/2017 - Thru 11/20/2017

The Third Medieval Festival will be held, organized by the Artisanal Brewing Association of Villa General Belgrano. The celebration took the city and its people back to the Middle Ages.

There we were and we could hardly believe our eyes. This charming city had suddenly become a medieval village where everything looked different, from a long gone time.

It will be recorded in history that, from March 21st to 24th, 2015 the first Saint Patrick’s Medieval Festival took place. Surely, the first of many to come.

The young and old were equally surprised by medieval knights, mounted warriors wielding swords and shields, farms and peasants spread out all over the city.

Absolutely perfect down to the last detail so that the centuries we had read about or studied at school but never seen came to life before our very eyes.

  • Recreate a medieval village

    Recreate a medieval village

  • As in the Middle Ages

    As in the Middle Ages

  • Generations


  • Thousands of visitors

    Thousands of visitors

  • Historical


  • Time travel

    Time travel

  • A time when we met in stories

    A time when we met in stories

Sitting on the sidewalk, sipping beer at one of the typical ale houses or strolling along the main street, it was incredible to see the joy on everyone’s faces, regardless their age. Visitors came from all over the country to travel back in time.

The whole town paid tribute to the Middle Ages: streets, promenades, malls, ale houses. As a result of the general enthusiasm, from now on this festival will be added to the traditional Beer, Viennese Pastry and Alpine Chocolate Festivals.

Days, to say nothing of nights, seemed endless. Music and dancing all day long. Human chess, fairs, medieval games, circus performers, archery and crossbow competitions completed a perfect program.

During the four days of the festival we visited the numerous stalls related to medieval activities: carving drinking horns with Celtic and Viking designs, silver jewelry and accessories, wooden boxes, feathers, sword forging, archery, dragon paintings, miniature crafts, elves, wooden crafts, medieval toys and clothes for children, woolen clothes, runes, candles and lots more.

Calligraphy lessons, a weapon display, archery, crossbow and fencing exhibitions and lessons, a dragon painting workshop, Scandinavian culture talks.

In accordance with a wonderful weekend, for the grand finale local bands paid homage to great rock bands: Pink Floyd and The Beatles came to life for the tourists who were lucky enough to have attended Saint Patrick’s First Medieval Festival at Villa General Belgrano.

We’ll be back next year…

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Dirección de Turismo de Villa General Belgrano

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