Theme Park Peñón del Águila

Peñón del Águila is an adventure park with lots of leisure activities to enjoy. This park hosts hiking, zip lines, tours around del Medio River, rides on ATVs on special circuits and even on a particular train with a tractor as its locomotive. The best place in the mountains designed for the whole family.

Peñón del Águila -which stands for Eagle’s Crag in Spanish- was created for every member of the family to have fun. Nowadays it is the first adventure park in the Cordoba Mountain Range and open all year round.

is a little town located in the valley of the Sierras Grandes (Large Mountain Range) in Cordoba, 1,450 meters above sea level, which creates a micro climate ideal to practice mountain activities.

Peñón del Águila is a business carried out by Sergio Roggio with a different vision about space that allows preserving this natural reserve and includes a variety of recreational activities without affecting this wonderful nature.

  • Zip lines

    Zip lines

  • Over rivers and cascades

    Over rivers and cascades

  • The story of the creation of beer

    The story of the creation of beer

  • Part of the landscape

    Part of the landscape

  • Open all year round

    Open all year round

  • Central European dishes

    Central European dishes

  • A privileged place

    A privileged place

La Cumbrecita offers varied options. After wandering around the historic quarter, visitors can go to Cedar Station to have a ride on a little Tyrolean train baptized as Adller towards Pine Tree Station, where they can find the activities center known as El Refugio de Gambrinus (The Gambrinus’s Refuge).

There are numberless recreational alternatives for all ages. For adventure, vertigo and adrenaline enthusiasts, this park is perfect to practice rope courses and the eagle’s flight, a ride which begins at a circuit of platforms on trees ending in a series of zip lines with a cable length of about 700 meters, crossing the mountain over rivers and cascades.

Sport rock climbing and rappelling together with a newly built rock wall are some of the experiences visitors can enjoy, as well as hiking tours and the contemplation of the landscape all around.

Visitors can take self-guided interpretive hikes on different trails through the amazing natural reserve, accurately signposted with information all through the paths or at every stop to breathe the pure oxygen which is part of the daily life of the denizens of this town.

Another ride is to take on the all terrain challenge through the forest, crossing streams while gazing at the surrounding magic of the mountains. This is another experience which allows visitors to blend into a unique landscape through a guided excursion on ecological ATVs.

At lunchtime, there is a wide array of options, however, Central European dishes at El Refugio de Gambrinus are highly recommended for food lovers.

This spot offers a stunning view of the Three Cascades, a dream place everyone should experience.

The performance of the La leyenda de Gambrinus (The Legend of Gambrinus) every afternoon is a good time to gather and entertain all the family. It is a music hall which tells the story of the creation of beer through dance and humor.

With a funny and cheeky personality, this iconic character called Gambrinus served as the inspiration when naming the refuge and became one the protagonists in La Cumbrecita.

Gambrinus’s House has been recently inaugurated. This peculiar construction is located in the Tourist Office in La Cumbrecita and some years ago it became one of the major attractions of the town.

A picturesque Cuckoo Clock strikes every 30 minutes and shows the protagonists of this spectacle. Likewise, it invites visitors to tour the interior of this peculiar house that reveals the habits and customs of this special family.

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