In the core of the city, tourists may access the village vantage point situated in the Hall of Events and Conventions and get a beautiful panoramic view of the area.

At the Tourist Office – located opposite the Hall of Events– information is given about the open hours to ascend with a guide who will explain details about the history of the village and the building.

The immense tower of the Vantage Point is known by the locals as “the façade”. This building is the product of several years of the management and effort made by the inhabitants of the area, in order to offer visitors a spot where they can enjoy the regional festivals celebrated in .

The project of “the façade” was created in 1968. By 1977, a commission made up by neighbors authorized the creation of the hall and in 1979 the project presented by architect Cruguer to make the hall and the tower was approved.

  • A beautiful panoramic view of the area

    A beautiful panoramic view of the area

  • In the core of the city

    In the core of the city

  • Party in the Hall of Events and Conventions

    Party in the Hall of Events and Conventions

  • 23-meter-high tower

    23-meter-high tower

  • The façade

    The façade

In 1980, the works are interrupted and they are abandoned for 21 years. Fortunately for the inhabitants of the village, in the year 2000, the façade could be finished by means of a loan granted by the government of the province, and it was inaugurated on October 11, 2002 – the same date as the anniversary of the village foundation– so that everybody could visit and enjoy this place.

The guide leads visitors up the tower as he narrates all the facts pertaining the history and making of the place. On each floor, visitors will make a stop to look through the windows and appreciate how the village grew up.

On the fifth floor, the guide will show visitors panels with ancient photographs of Villa General Belgrano and the tower which give evidence of the several building steps.

Visitors will learn that the façade has been built with a total amount of 70,000 bricks, 100,000 tiles, 98 steps that make up the spiral staircase and that the 23-meter-high tower is has been divided into 7 floors.

On the last floor, a postcard is presented before the eyes of visitors. They will observe that the modern European alpine style predominates in the city, with red tile roofs, with bare walls combined with the warmth provided by the wood.

Those who visit this place will notice the large tree grove surrouding the village, which still remains as a consequence of the regulations that bans semi-detached buildings.

In front of the tower, visitors will see the mount de La Virgen and the Alemán Peak. Behind them, the Mount del Cristo Grande and to the South, the beautiful hills of Yacanto de Calamuchita.

Before the descent, there are still three items pending to finish building the façade: a central 17-meter dome, three clocks that would strike the time in the northern, southern and eastern sides of the tower and the barometric dummies that would indicate the weather conditions– the man would announce the bad weather and the woman, the good weather-.

Maybe in a future visit, the dummies are put to work to inform visitors of the weather and the clock hands are set in the tower to give them the right time.

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