A Visit to Altos de Belgrano Golf Club

Playing golf is a real pleasure, playing in the spectacular setting of the Córdoba mountains is simply indescribable. Paradise: Altos de Belgrano

Villa General Belgrano is one of the most beautiful cities in the Province of Córdoba and in Argentina. Besides being well known for its craft beer and its traditional yearly Oktoberfest Argentina, the city boasts many tourist attractions and recreational activities which tempt visitors to extend their stay.

Among these is golf, with the added allure of its spectacular natural setting.

Altos de Belgrano has one of the most beautiful courses of this mountainous region surrounding . Besides being influenced by Central European cultures, it is also an example of architecture which makes ample use of wood, iron and local stone.

Designed on gently undulated land with countless different textures, the Altos de Belgrano golf course fuses silence, peace and beauty in an unparalleled peaceful setting.

An outstanding 6 hole (par 3) course, certified by the Argentine Golf Association, it is open all year round including Sundays and holidays. Non-members are also allowed access.

  • A real pleasure

    A real pleasure

  • Golf Equipment

    Golf Equipment

  • A sport of precision

    A sport of precision

  • In the vicinity of a fascinating landscape

    In the vicinity of a fascinating landscape

  • Choosing the right golf club

    Choosing the right golf club

As soon as visitors arrive, the Office Green at the entrance to the golf course provides everything they need to enjoy their favorite sport: from equipment rental to private lessons, always under the guidance and watchful eye of real professionals.

Being able to stay at this incredible resort has turned it into a popular meeting point for many visitors.

The most famous golfers have stayed at Altos Hotel, which boasts the best technology and Alta Gama comfort. Elegance, style, design and performance quality are evident in every detail. Enjoying its sublime landscape is an exceptional experience.

Undoubtedly men’s ideas coupled with those who make it possible, achieve miracles at this place where dreams come true. So it is in Altos de Belgrano: man’s creativity blending perfectly with nature, breathing new life into the mountains.

A place in the world where you can feel that many times things are done exactly as they should be.

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Altos de Belgrano

Ruta Prov. Nº 5 - Km 78 (5194) Villa General Belgrano, Córdoba

Tel: +54 3546-462216


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