Artisan Fair of the Cultures of the Villa

On the corner of Los Manantialest and Julio A. Roca Avenue, stands the Villa General Belgrano Fair of the Cultures, which opens its doors every holiday to sell legally handcrafted products.

Visitors can find countless handicrafts reflecting the several cultures that make up the region.

Among the most outstanding and requested products, there are alpine cowbells, scents, country handicrafts, country paintings, handicrafts made with pumpkins, sweaters and scented candles made with bee wax.

As you stroll about the Artisan Fair of the Cultures, you can observe craftsmen working on their products and talk to them about their creation technique and the way of preserving the handicrafts, unveiling the secrets that have been passed onto them from generation to generation.

  • Equal wooden posts

    Equal wooden posts

  • Another attraction to offer visitors

    Another attraction to offer visitors

  • Legitimately handmade products

    Legitimately handmade products

  • A broad and diverse craft fair

    A broad and diverse craft fair

  • Cultural fusion

    Cultural fusion

The various communities which give the venue their cultural mark are native of German, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and the Comechingón area.

Other elements you can easily find in the handicraft market are: Duvet blankets, perfumes, painting works done on metal and glass, handcrafted knives, handicrafts made in typical clothes and ornaments done with dry flowers.

As it is to be expected, there is also a corner for delicacies, where Vienesse cakes, regional jams, honey and homebaked cookies are sold.

When you visit Villa General Belgrano, there is nothing better than learning about the town through the kindness of its people and their customs. Do not hesitate to visit the Artisan Fair of the Cultures.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Gentileza Feria de las Culturas