History of Villa Elisa

Villa Elisa was founded by Héctor de Elía’s vision. Between 1888 and 1889, he bought 7,536 hectares to settle down the colony and the village that would be named “Elisa” after his wife, Elisa Dickson.

Don Héctor de Elía believed that these lands, lying close to the District of Colón, had to be used to create a colony that could give origin to an urban settlement. Land surveyor Juan Leo was in charge of the layout of this novel city. He would sketch the plans with an avant-garde design and succeed in pleasing the local dwellers of both those days and today.

In 1890, Mr. de Elía introduced three hundred and sixty-seven immigrant families through the ports of Colón and Uruguay. Thus, Villa Elisa came to life. Today it is a city with over ten thousand denizens. Most of them descend from the generations of pioneers who arrived from Switzerland, France and Italy.

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