Museums and galleries in Villa Carlos Paz

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A Ride Across Punilla

We traveled the Valley of Punilla up to the district of Capilla del Monte. We let ourselves be seduced by Mount Uritorco and attended to a mudtherapy session not to be missed.

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Discovering Carlos Paz on Wheels

We were impressed by the wonderful geography, the vastness of Lake San Roque and the neighborhoods that seem to be hanging from the hillsides in Villa Carlos Paz.

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Going around Lake San Roque

In the Cordoba Mountain Range, every water body is an amazing spot to do a wide array of leisure activities and Lake San Roque is no exception.

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Hiking Tour to Cerro de la Cruz

There is no better destination for those who love hiking than <i>Cerro de la Cruz</i>, an incredible site to appreciate the beauty of Villa Carlos Paz and its surroundings from the heights.

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Navigation across Lake San Roque

We sailed on a catamaran across Lake San Roque and learnt about the history, formation and architecture of the city.

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Night and Day: Shows and Shopping

Vacations do not only imply outdoor life, sunshine and nature at Carlos Paz. They include a good dose of window-shopping at its very complete commercial centers that satisfy every taste.

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One River Offers Various Swimming Holes

Like every river in the mountains of Córdoba, the San Antonio boasts its best features as we go upstream to its source. It zigzags around nooks and large rocks that invite swimmers to dive in.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito

Es el primer Parque Nacional en la provincia de Córdoba, creado en 1996 con el objetivo de proteger la naciente de las cuencas hídricas, de vital importancia en el territorio...

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Peko’s Resort in Carlos Paz

As in every season, the Peko’s didactic resorts opens its gates to provide education and amusement in Carlos Paz, in addition to the possibility to enjoy activities surrounded by nature

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Punilla Valley Natural Scenic Views

Villa Carlos Paz developed in a fertile valley on the shore of San Roque and the slopes of the mountains of Córdoba with their scenic views.

Tourism in Córdoba and its mountain ranges

The Province surprises visitors with its countless attractions, framed by the mountain systems, its rivers and creeks, its green areas and woodlands, its mild weather and its unique natural scenes...

Contemplative Tourism

Uruguay: A Bridge towards Culture

An <i>avant-garde</i> design gallery located right under the pavement along which the vehicles circulate on one of the oldest bridges in the summer village.

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Villa Carlos Paz in one Day

There is everything for everyone. This jewel from Córdoba continues offering the classic and the modern for all visitors. This tour invites everybody to see the whole city in one day.

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Waterfront on Lake San Roque

Feeling the breeze upon our faces, we set out on a hike along the Lake San Roque waterfront very early in the morning. The pace was energetic but slow. We had all the time in the world.

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Carlos Paz and its Theater Billboard

As the summer comes, the city bursts out in activities and maybe the most renown are the ones available every night at local theaters.

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Carlos Paz Chairlift Venue

We visited the chairlift venue to get a new sight of the city. Immersed in the quietness of the mountain range, we beheld the beautiful perspective.

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Nearby Bialet Massé

The best way to leave the hustle and bustle of Carlos Paz behind during the high season is to visit the nearby villages and relish the fresh vegetation of the mountain range.

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To a Hidden Cascade

We traveled the road of the High Summits to a hidden cascade in the Córdoba Mountain Range. A refreshing moment, ideal to share with the family.

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To the Sound of the Cuckoo Clock

As if we had gone visiting Oma’s house –the German grandma-, we came close to the giant cuckoo clock Carlos Paz has proudly boasted for over 50 years.


Journey to the Center of the Earth

We toured around one of the most spectacular mountain range spots in the area. We crossed most of the Punilla Valley and visited a natural cavern. We unveiled all the secrets of speleology tourism.

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Cinco Chorros Waterfall

The Cinco Chorros waterfall is one of the interpretive walks offered by the Pampa de Achala, amid the imposing rave and condor flights.


The Resin Museum

We visited the Resin Museum and discovered the various shapes adopted by this particular material. An important tourist attraction a few steps from Villa Carlos Paz.

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