Peko’s Resort in Carlos Paz

As in every season, the Peko’s didactic resorts opens its gates to provide education and amusement to its visitors. A site to enjoy games and live shows with the family and surrounded by the nature of Córdoba.

With a smile upon their faces and a curious look, the children would enter the venue holding their parents’ hands. It was a holiday and little by little the Peko’s didactic resort got crowded with noisy little children who, teeming with joy, were eager to spend a day to remember.

As all of us have a child inside our hearts, we entered the venue feeling the same degree of excitement. Peko’s is a recreational resort chosen by tourists who visit Villa Carlos Paz every year, which offers the possibility to enjoy various activities with the family and surrounded by nature.

In this opportunity, we were welcomed by Emiliano and Leonardo, whose job is to provide information and safety to visitors. They showed us around the facilities and we discovered the various attractions.

  • Native animals

    Native animals

  • The toucan

    The toucan

  • Apes


  • Inevitable entertainment

    Inevitable entertainment

  • Sea lions’ show

    Sea lions’ show

  • Didactic resorts

    Didactic resorts

First, we entered a giant cage, known as “The Ecologic Jungle”. Once there, we could see flamingoes, guacamayos and ducks, to mention a few birds, as is was to be expected, and the toucan, which is the symbol that identifies the venue.

Afterwards, we headed for the hall of mirrors, where we had a good laugh as we saw our own silhouettes acquiring various shapes in front of concave and convex mirrors. Fat, thin, tall and short, the reflections beat our vanity at the different shapes.

Then we visited the aquarium and the serpentarium. In the former, we could watch several fish species, such as the “cola de novia”, the carps, the pez telescopio, the pez astronauta and the neon fish, to mention a few. In the latter, boas, lampalaguas, yararás, rattlesnakes and coral snakes caught our attention. We learnt about their diet and how dangerous their poisson is for human beings. As well, this important hall lodges other reptiles, such as the iguanas, and arachnids, such as tarantulas and black widow spiders.

We spent most of the afternoon feeding the farm animals, getting deep into the privet labyrinth and enjoying a giant slide that crosses the entire venue. We had lots of fun.

Suddenly, on the loudspeakers, we heard an invitation to see the “sea lions’ show”, with Agustín as the great protagonist that afternoon. He received all the applauses and the smiles from both grown-ups and children. No doubt, it was worth seeing.

As the show ended, we left the venue feeling totally satisfied and with the conviction that Peko’s is a very amusing site to enjoy one day with the family, where each member can enjoy this “great adventure at every step”, according to its slogan. We will certainly recommend it!

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Ruta 20 - Empalme a Tanti, Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 3541-426160

DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: 3 hours
Opening hoursOpening hours: 9am to 7pm
How to get hereHow to get here: From Villa Carlos Paz, travel along Route 20 towards the junction with the road to Tanti. You will see a signpost indicating the entrance to the venue after about 10 km.
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