To a Hidden Cascade

We traveled the road of the High Summits to a hidden cascade in the Córdoba Mountain Range. A refreshing moment, ideal to share with the family.

The heat of the sun at midday forced us to leave the city in search for a “hidden treasure” that promised to be quite refreshing. A 4 x 4 vehicle led us uphill along the steep Provincial Route 34. We were heading for the high summits and, from 640 m.a.s.l., we would get to a height of 2,100 meters.

The winding road, known by the name of the famous rally driver Jorge Raúl Recalde, made us leave behind the towns of San Antonio de Arredondo, Mayu Sumaj, Icho Cruz and Cuesta Blanca.

We climbed up remarkably without any haste. It made me feel uneasy to wonder how the native Comechingones had set up the dry-stone walls we watched as we passed by. But before we could draw any conclusions on the matter, an impressive panoramic sight of the entire Quebrada del Cóndorito National Park stole all our attention. In the distance, we managed to see Mount Los Gigantes, an ideal site for those who enjoy watching the splendor of the condors` flight.

  • Ideal to share with the family

    Ideal to share with the family

  • Temperate waters

    Temperate waters

  • 40-meter-long wire

    40-meter-long wire

  • Look for small pieces of amethyst

    Look for small pieces of amethyst

  • An unforgettable moment

    An unforgettable moment

As we climbed, we noticed that the weather had changed and the conditions had become more similar to the climate in the Andes Mountain Range. After traveling for sixty minutes, we made our first stop. The place chosen by our guide was Fausto Mine, where he suggested that we should look for small pieces of amethyst, a semi-precious stone of hexagonal shape. Very patiently, we started to rake the ground in search for the violet stone.

According to some members of the excursion, this kind of stone has a high level of energy to balance the soul of its holder. The truth is that I realized that moving the soil so much is an excellent way to slow down and forget the city rhythm in exchange for a natural contact with mother nature. Once all of us had got our piece of amethyst, we continued our journey towards the “hidden treasure” as we knew that it had the shape of a waterfall.

In the Hidden Cascade

We reached the cascade location, which is situated on a 600-million-year-old Pre-Cambrian formation. I could not see it yet, but I was captivated by its sound, which led us wisely to the right spot.

After going up and down some hills, we got there. The cascade fell down spectacularly on a natural cave forming a kind of amphitheater with a small entrance. Without hesitation, we moved up towards it in order to watch it, feel it and experience it.

The fantastic cascade totaly hypnotized us. The water seemed to fall in slow motion. As we approached it, the refreshing water immediately revitalized the heat of our body. We enjoyed it as much as we needed in order to continue with our adventure. We recommend that you visit this place.

A few steps away from the cascade, the guide led us through a labyrinth of submerged rocks. We swam across three pools and a small waterfall and crossed an underground cave. At this point, we felt true gratitude for such an experience.

A Finale in the Air

Back on the truck, we began to go down to the other river where the waters are more temperate. In this area, the guide prepared a 40-meter-long wire. In the meantime, the rest of the participants were playing around the various waterfalls generated among the rocks.

The call of the guide announced that our dose of adrenaline was about to be aministered. Wearing a harness, a safety helmet and after a short technical chat, we were already enjoying our tour in the air before we could even notice it. Spectacular! It is amazing to feel the speed the small pulley gains on the rope. Fortunately, another guide was expecting us on the other side of the river, encouraging us to be successful in the experience.

Once again on the truck, we continued our way down, but this time only to go back. The last lights of the day seemed to turn off on the horizon of Córdoba. I thought I heard the roar of the hidden cascade inside my head and a smile, just like the one on everybody else`s face, was outlined on mine.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Marcelo Sola

DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: half a day.
Opening hoursOpening hours: From 1pm to 8pm
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