Nearby Bialet Massé

The best way to leave the hustle and bustle of Carlos Paz behind during the high season is to visit the nearby villages and relish the fresh vegetation of the mountain range.

In the Valley of Punilla, very close to the City of Villa Carlos Paz, Bialet Massé is a charming village set in the mountain range. Its streets are quiet and its impetuous river goes across the urban center providing a special attraction.

We drove around Lake San Roque heading for this district. It is a curious fact that this neighboring town may be reached through one road and left through another one. As we got there, we perceived a very humid atmosphere, typical of the local microclimate.

As it flows towards the lake, the Cosquín River gives life to this population. The municipal swim hole is located on a sharp bend featuring good shade and a natural pool.

A wide array of tourist accommodation has joined the original residences of this area. Local economy is based on this activity. Several operators offer outings to nearby hills, whether on foot or on horseback, accompanied by guides. Other attractions are represented by private venues with golf courses, tennis courts and football pitches.

  • Punilla Valley

    Punilla Valley

  • Chapel San Placido

    Chapel San Placido

  • The river Cosquín

    The river Cosquín

  • Mountain village

    Mountain village

  • Very humid atmosphere

    Very humid atmosphere

  • With particular charm

    With particular charm

We saw a hydraulic lime kiln whose history is tightly related to the building process of San Roque Dam. The Historical Museum, the House of Culture and the Football Fan Museum are part of the local cultural heritage. We found Saint Placidus’ Chapel on the hillside of the Sierras Chicas. It has been built on a stock tank.

Like in the rest of this territory, there is a craftsmen community that offers creations in the mountain range districts during the high season.

Bialet Massé borders on Siquiman Park in the community of San Roque and on Santa María de Punilla, another eye-catching destination. Thus, we got to see a neighboring city with features of its own.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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