Carlos Paz and its Theater Billboard

Emblematic figures of the stage perform at the various houses offering entertaining plays in which humor and pretty faces are applauded by the audience.

The summer billboard of the City of Villa Carlos Paz is renovated year after year and it is always the reason why the main celebrities of national theater gather in front of an audience with thirst of new shows.

Tourists walk the main streets in town in search of tempting options to buy the tickets for a special evening. And they certainly find them. Many people queue for hours to access a seat close to their favorite actors.

Many venues have existed at this city for long years. Some of them are a real tradition. Many modern complexes join this offer during the summer boom. In some cases, they even offer food yards and recreation areas.

Both female stars and comedians lure audiences and struggle to become the most famous celebrities in the summer. Carlos Paz usually launches them towards better job offers.

  • The city explodes in activities

    The city explodes in activities

  • Is renewed each year

    Is renewed each year

  • Humor and pretty faces

    Humor and pretty faces

  • The first figures

    The first figures

  • The best cast

    The best cast

Gossip magazines spare their main pages to praise the new plays and especially to talk about the private life of the stars, who usually rent grand mansions with a swimming pool and may be seen in town as any other mortal. Many tourists feel a strong urge to have a picture taken next to their favorite actor.

Each theater fights for the best cast and for the glamour of being recognized as the center of the billboard every year. In the meantime, Carlos Paz fiercely defends this behavior so that the stars shine bright and only burn out when the last of the tourists has left.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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