Punilla Valley Natural Scenic Views

Villa Carlos Paz developed in a fertile valley on the shore of San Roque and the slopes of the mountains of Córdoba with their scenic views.

The streets of most residential areas in Villa Carlos Paz climb up towards the mountain tops. Why not walk up to have a panoramic view of Lake San Roque and its green surroundings?

Although you can get there by car, the last stage, which can only be reached on foot, may require a slight effort. We decided to give it a try.

We chose Francisco de Asís Street at random. When we got to the highest part, we noticed the great vegetation, the impressive size of the lake, and heard the dull sounds from the town and its heavy, constant traffic.

  • Slopes above Lake San Roque

    Slopes above Lake San Roque

  • An inclusive look

    An inclusive look

  • Climb up towards the mountain tops

    Climb up towards the mountain tops

  • Natural terraces

    Natural terraces

  • It is like having one’s fill of mountains and lakes

    It is like having one’s fill of mountains and lakes

The sailing boats on the lake were small colored spots on the huge expanse of water. The mountains provided a perfect background and gate to the valley just like we had seen on Google Earth when we were planning our holidays in this beautiful mountain city.

We went for a drive in one of the residential areas full of huge old houses with winter gardens and beautiful red tiled roofs. We imagined being there, cozy and warm, watching the seasons change, rainy and sunny days. What luck!

From high up proportions seem to change. One tends to misjudge distance and size. It is like having a map and locating every reference ourselves. ‘We just have to go there! Look at that beach!’ I heard my own voice exclaim while looking at the view. For a moment my mind went blank and only pleasant images appeared. It was a great sensation, as if pent up feelings could easily flow out, something very few images can accomplish.

Having a cold beer or a soft drink and shooting the breeze at the bar of one of the private communities which open their doors to visitors is a treat. It is like having one’s fill of mountains and lakes, checking out what to do and where to go among the many activities Carlos Paz offers.

Later, on other outings, we discovered staircases, rocks and knolls with wonderful views which more than compensated the effort and dust on our trainers and clothes.

A special fragrance and the birds, breaking the silence to communicate with one another, were our constant companions. The beautiful pastel colors of the sunset pervaded our soul as did the sun at dawn, bringing warmth to the town.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio


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