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Club Hotel Sierra de la Ventana

First international tourist destination. Pride and weakness of the Argentinian aristocracy from the 1900s. A story both unique and majestic.

Contemplative Tourism

Do Not Change My Name

Once upon a time, there was a village whose name was changed overnight. And it was such an unexpected decision that even today it is remembered with nostalgia.

Contemplative Tourism

Eco Parque Kooch, the Mountain Range Zoo

Regional and alien species make up a very particular zoo. An ideal site to walk about with children.


Fly-fishing in Sierra

Sierra de la Ventana is a synonym for fly-fishing. Even after 100 long years, the descendents of the first trout that inhabitted this country live there.

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Fort Pavón

Saldungaray inhabitants have always known that the town was born as a military fort. Today, a group of young people shows visitors around the fort in a journey across time.

Horse RidingContemplative Tourism

Horseback ride in Sierra de la Ventana

Riding a horse is a unique activity, especially if combined with amazing sceneries. Sierra de la Ventana and its surroundings are ideal to allow free rein and find that where there is a will, there is a way.

Contemplative Tourism

Nearby Saldungaray

Saldungaray, known as the oldest town in the shire, was founded by Pedro Saldungaray in 1900. It lies 8 kilometers from Sierra de la Ventana...


Only the Most Delicious

Trout from the mountain range and signature pasta. Beverages, magical potions and homemade cakes for tea. <span style="font-style: italic;">Fondue</span> at sunset. Only the most delicious.

Contemplative Tourism

Opening the Window

There is a challenge for all those who visit the shire: going up to the famous window and seeing everything from the summit. Here is a map of the 10 stages to reach the top.


Paragliding in Sierra

Sierra de la Ventana has a group of mountains and slopes ideal for beginners in free flight. No wonder the number of pilots and students that conquer the air multiplies everyday.

Contemplative Tourism

Pedaling Sierra

Riding on two wheels is another way of enjoying Sierra de la Ventana. While pedaling, it is possible to find a different landscape, where everything goes in slow motion and with a melody of its own.

Popular HolidaysGastronomy

Pigüé: Giant Omelette Festival

Every year, the anniversary of the foundation of Pigüé is an excellent excuse to push the boat out. For three days and three nights...

Contemplative Tourism

Relax All Through the Year in the Spa

Framed by one of the best golf courses in the country and overlooking the Sauce Grande River, we found a spa where massage, sauna and a heated pool invite to enjoy pleasure.


Saldungaray Winery

A tour around a 20-hectare vineyard, which shelters the most delicious and distinguished wines in Sierra de la Ventana.

Contemplative Tourism

Sierra de la Ventana's Golf Club

Playing golf in Sierra de la Ventana is special. For years, the Easter holidays are the date chosen for the national event. However, the mythical course expects visitors everyday.


Suitable for All Ages

Ascending the Mount of Love is an easy walk accesible to everyone and offers an incomparable view to the mountain range area.

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The Mountain Range Shire

The Mountain Range Shire in the Ventania System offers countless ideal attractions to tour around the area all year round. Here we present some of the tips to get to know this place better.

Contemplative Tourism

The Tornquist Park

Ernesto Tornquist Provincial Park offers natural landscapes, flora and fauna and amazing outdoor activities to enjoy one of the areas most carefully preserved by nature.

Tourism in Buenos Aires

The scenes contained by the Province of Buenos Aires are quite different: the countryside, mountains, large cities, lakes, the Paraná Delta and the wide array of beaches on the Atlantic coast.

Bird watching

Villa Ventana

When spring arrives, the swallows become the owners of Villa Ventana once more. Arriving from California and heading to Ushuaia, the small village is a mandatory pass where everyone wants to see them fly.

Contemplative Tourism

Visit to Villa La Arcadia

Two bridges join Sierra de la Ventana and Villa La Arcadia. A place with its own rhythm, silences and aromas where the fall seems to have remained forever.

Contemplative Tourism


Sierra de la Ventana still preserves vestiges of its original nature and it unfolds the species incorporated in the early twentieth century. Mountains and meadows where wild animals dwell.

Contemplative Tourism

Ymcapolis, Young Men’s History

For decades, a famous institution in Sierra de la Ventana has been involved in recreational activities, teamwork and sports in general. It is Ymcapolis, a creation of Young Men’s Christian Association.


Zip Lines Here

Zip lines are slowly gaining ground in our country. Due to its high trees, Villa Ventana is an ideal place to practice this new fascinating sport.

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