Only the Most Delicious

Trout from the mountain range and signature pasta. Beverages, magical potions and homemade cakes for tea. Fondue at sunset. Only the most delicious.

Sol y Luna
Sol y Luna is not just another gastronomical site. Above all, it is a place where family cosiness may be tasted in every dish, in every ingredient of a snack or in a simple and noble glass of red wine. For years, and after spending their holidays at Sierra de la Ventana for a long time, Carlos and Graciela Schillaci resolved to settle down in the city. And they did quite well. Today, Sol y Luna is one of those places that reminds everybody of Sierra de la Ventana no sooner it is mentioned.

Its chefs, Ivana Dato and Natalia Cotorruelo, delight customers with their delicious trout, simple smoked products and colorful pasta that magnify the decoration of the venue thus turning this family restaurant into one of the most outstanding gastronomic and cultural sites in this small city. A real banquet for a demanding palate.

  • Sol y Luna

    Sol y Luna

  • La Angelita

    La Angelita

  • Heidi


  • El Golf Club Sierra de la Ventana

    El Golf Club Sierra de la Ventana

La Angelita
La Angelita is the name of one of the houses which took part in the foundation of Villa La Arcadia, the small village located next to Sierra de la Ventana. Visitors only need to cross one of its two bridges. Graciela García bought this beautiful property over 20 years ago, when the village was starting to consider offering some kind of tourist attraction.

And thus, La Angelita became a real paradise overnight. At traditionally English tea time, homebaked cakes, strudel, küchen and chocolate cakes were the topic of conversation in the entire village. Then, the fondue arrived, a fantastic recipe of which Graciela and her collaborators, her children Emiliano and Aldana, have perfect domain. Sitting at one of the decorated tables means experiencing an ancient tradition in which cheese is the real protagonist. Gruyère, Fontina and Emmental cheeses combine various ingredients with excellent wines which remind us that dreaming is still possible. Especially when there are magic potions that can take us to another world, even if it is only for a few hours.

Walking across Villa Ventana is like being inside a fairy tale. The air is impregnated with the aroma of pines and the chimneys that ornament the houses of the pacific village. Some small creeks cross the village in circles and provide the necessary water that tinges everything in color combined with the quietness of the place. At sunset, visitors may have a cup of tea and a piece of some wonderful cake with friends inside an A-frame or Patagonian cabin.

Heidi, named after the famous girl from the Alps, is a must visit at Villa Ventana. Entering Heidi's cabin means becoming a child again and being surprised and thinking about nothing but a magical world of elves, fairies and gnomes that dwell in the forest in search for friends. Grandpa, who seems to live here, is in charge of delighting visitors with their best recipes.

El Golf Club Sierra de la Ventana
Golf is a beautiful sport and, in most cases, the courses where it is practiced are real paradises in shades of green. At Sierra de la Ventana, as well, ocher paints everything in a special color all year round. Just like the most prestigious golf resorts, Sierra de la Ventana has a typical English Club House from where visitors can watch the various holes as well as part of the history of the mountain range shire.

The afternoon tea is one of the charms visitors should not miss, generally accompanied by homebaked cakes, which turn out to be a perfect excuse to meet game partners, friends and escorts. Pictures in black and white, lists of founding players and distinguished champions, and clubs and balls from the old days are some of the ingredients seen at first sight which usually invite attendants to hang around for a little longer. It is worth to lose time or, in fact, to learn how to buy time here. “Waiter, another cup of coffee, please!”

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Sol y Luna

Av. San Martín 658 (8168) Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires

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Golf Club Sierra de La Ventana

Av. del Golf 300 (8168) Sierra de la Ventana, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 291-4915113


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