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Sierra de la Ventana has a group of mountains and slopes ideal for beginners in free flight. No wonder the number of pilots and students that conquer the air multiplies everyday.

Flying at Sierra de la Ventana
The weather and orographic conditions given in the Sierra de la Ventana shire are ideal for paragliding and not only for those who have domained the flying technique for years, but also for the students who have resolved to take an initiation course and are experiencing their first flights.
The soft hillsides and slopes featured by some mountains are real schools. There, instructors trasnmit students the basic know-how for their first flights. Everything from how the sail should be inflated, running to the chosen point and starting to fly to how to develop the correct technique in order to face the ascending and descending thermals that may change their course once in the air.
Landings, on the other hand, are not abrupt at all. Sierra de la Ventana has a large number of foothills, pasture lands and clear fields that enable beginners to land without any kind of difficulty or risk of unforeseen accidents.

  • Free flight

    Free flight

  • A splendid and ideal site

    A splendid and ideal site

  • A dream

    A dream

  • In the immensity

    In the immensity

The Dream of His Own School
Nelson Davis is not just another paraglider. Born in Saldungaray, he spent his childhood letting nature amaze him with the advantages it could provide. The eagerness for knowledge about its land, tradition and history encouraged him to do extensive research. His adventurous spirit led him to tour the mountain range and kayak along the Sauce Grande as often as he could.
During his adolescence, he had already conquered the land and the water. Only the air was left. Passionate about everything related to aeronautics, he began to study climatology, physics, aerodynamics and everything he could learn about aviation history.
As a young man, he got familiar with flying through paragliding and he resolved to take his first flying course in 1999. He had to move to the City of Pigüe y Cabildo in order to fulfill his dream.

From then on, he took part in several paragliding events carried out in the area and he would fly whenever the weather allowed it. At present, he is the president of the airclub at the small district of Saldungaray and he is the founder of the first Paragliding School in Sierra de la Ventana, which he has called "Fly Ventania”.
In the last few years, this school has remarkably multiplied the number of birds who dare to fly above these beautiful mountains.

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