Pigüé: Giant Omelette Festival

Every year, the anniversary of the foundation of Pigüé is an excellent excuse to push the boat out. For three days and three nights...

Only participants of this tasty occasion succeed in answering some questions arising at the moment of imagining how the famous king size omelette is made. The members of the fraternity that has prepared it year after year are capable of explaining some of their culinary secrets.

What do they use to cook it? A huge 4-diameter frying-pan is the right tool. How many eggs do they use? They have beaten the record of over 15,000 eggs and they still want more. A hundred kilos of ham, green onion, oil, parsley and other condiments give flavor and shape to this rural tortilla. The life stories of those who chose these temperate lands with good soil to work the land and raise cattle stand behind it.

The celebration takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with concerts, shows, plays and games for the entire family. Access is free of charge.

  • A huge 4-diameter frying-pan

    A huge 4-diameter frying-pan

  • The members of the fraternity

    The members of the fraternity

  • A hundred master cooks prepare the omelette

    A hundred master cooks prepare the omelette

  • French cuisine

    French cuisine

Activities begin very early on Sunday, at the site where a hundred master cooks prepare the omelette. The task is carried out in the presence of everyone and with the same effort grannies used to make in their own houses when cooking the same dish for their families. When it is ready, the tasting session begins. Each guest is given a serving of this delicacy that has its own festival in several locations in the world.

The mystery is finally unveiled: the omelette is not turned around. Instead, it resembles scrambled eggs to which exquisite ingredients are added, thus giving origin to one of the most popular recipes of French cuisine.

The icing on the cake takes place when the German community of Pigüe joins the celebration with its typical pie from the Volga Region, which is generously divided among the attendants. All in all, it is an amusing and picturesque homage paid to European immigrants.

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How to get hereHow to get here: It lies 110 kilometers away from Sierra de la Ventana. Take Provincial Route 76 towards Tornquist and then National Route 33 to Pigüe.


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