Saldungaray Winery

A tour around a 20-hectare vineyard, which shelters the most delicious and distinguished wines in Sierra de la Ventana.

We visited prestigious Saldungaray Winery, which lies minutes away from Sierra de la Ventana, in one of the most beautiful areas in the Province of Buenos Aires, a land with ideal features for winegrowing.

The point is that Southwestern Buenos Aires presents certain strategic geographical features, namely: the presence of mountain ranges such as the Ventania and Tandilia systems, fertile valleys and soft hillsides, as well as the influence of the Atlantic winds. All this gives origin to diverse micro-climates with the most appropriate conditions to make excellent wine.

Thus, we toured around the 20-hectare vineyards owned by Saldungaray Winery, where several varietals are contained. Besides, the venue can shelter 200,000 liters of wine, a very significant amount. Among the grapes, the following stand out: malbec, pinot noir, merlot, tempranillo, cabernet sauvignon and franc, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc.

  • 20-hectare vineyard

    20-hectare vineyard

  • Restaurant inside an old recycled silo

    Restaurant inside an old recycled silo

  • Author's meals

    Author's meals

  • Shelters the most delicious and distinguished wines

    Shelters the most delicious and distinguished wines

  • A different sensory experience

    A different sensory experience

  • As wonderful: a spacious excellent winery

    As wonderful: a spacious excellent winery

Essentially, this wonderful winery differs from the rest for being a great specialist in the production of premium wine. Respect and care for the grapes and the permanent incorporation of cutting-edge technology proclaimed by Saldungaray guarantee excellent harvest and distinguished craft processes in each of its wines.

On the other hand, we could also enjoy a warm cozy restaurant inside an old recycled silo where lovers of good wine are most welcome. The restó features a spectacular view of the vineyard and the fields with wheat plantations. The mountain range crowns such scene. By the way, this is an ideal site to hold all kind of business and social events.

In addition to premium wine production, the venue also contains berry plantations -including blue berries, raspberries and blackberries-, pear and plum trees, whose fruit are used to make the most delicious regional jams without any additives or preservatives.

Likewise, wine therapy is another interesting alternative available at Saldungaray Winery. It consists in the use of natural products made with grape and wine, as well as with berries. In order to enjoy face and body treatments, visitors should make an appointment in advance.

To sum up, our tour gathered several conditions to be defined as wonderful: a spacious excellent winery, a spectacular restaurant with incredible flavors, natural handmade jam, and a healthy and therapeutic alternative.

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