Suitable for All Ages

Ascending the Mount of Love is an easy walk accesible to everyone and offers an incomparable view to the mountain range area.

Mountains for Everybody
For a long time, Leonardo has been talking to me about organizing a climbing tour which did not require the usual abilities to climb a great mountain. Practiced correctly, hiking is one of the most relaxed and pleasant ways of visiting a place. As we walk, the chances of discovering something new grow before us.
Sierra de la Ventana has magnificent spots through which we get closer to a mountaineering experience. Some of them are Mount Ventana, famous for its window-like hole, Mount Bahía Blanca and the matchless Tres Picos, the highest in the province. However, not everybody is fit enough for this practice, and even though many people like this kind of adventure, they prefer to enjoy it without making so much physical effort.

Little and Big Love
On the other side of Sierra de la Ventana, lies Villa Arcadia. The most significant places in this small town are the Our Lady of Lourdes Church, its tea houses, the fish farming station, and of course, the Sauce Grande River.

  • Much Better from the Top

    Much Better from the Top

  • An incomparable view to the mountain range area

    An incomparable view to the mountain range area

  • Scarce 400 meters high

    Scarce 400 meters high

This narrow and beautiful river, which keeps its volume due to the rains, forms a dam used as a municipal bathing resort during the summer and attracts hundreds of visitors. In front, there are many sign posts indicating directions to Mount Ceferino, which local people and visitors have come to call Mount of Love, as it is one of the typical places where couples make promises of endless love.

Much Better from the Top
The idea of ascending this small but charming mount makes people of all ages and physical conditions dare to climb it. It is worthwhile. From the summit, visitors can contemplate Villa Arcadia, Sierra de la Ventana and even the old iron bridge between them.
From the top, the intricate river disappears amidst the trees, mainly willows, which grow on its banks and make the area amazingly fertile. In the distance, the mountains silhouettes show different heights, Villa Ventana is spotted on the plains 17 kilometers away and Las Grutas, one of the beautiful towns that gives life to the surrounding areas, stands 20 kilometers away.
The feeling of reaching the summit, even if this is a low hill, is as rewarding as if we had reached the hole of the window itself. Everything looks different from the top and if we want to have fun, the Mount of Love or Mount Ceferino lets us leave our name and pride in the highest spot of this mountain range.
Who said love is not suitable for all ages?

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