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Two bridges join Sierra de la Ventana and Villa La Arcadia. A place with its own rhythm, silences and aromas where the fall seems to have remained forever.

A River, Two Bridges
Even if there is no accurate data about its foundation date, it is known that it was the Rayces brothers, Alejandro and Enrique, who fostered the urbanization of the village back in 1908.
These first settlements gave origin to period houses built in English, Swiss and German style which soon were used not only as dwellings but also as lodging for hundreds of workers who arrived in the shire attracted by the good wages paid by the railway extension works and the building works of the Club Hotel Sierra de la Ventana.
In those days, like today, the Sauce Grande River was just a small thread of water that divided the town. And even though this small river separated the districts of Coronel Suárez, where Villa La Arcadia is located, and Tornquist, which includes Sierra de la Ventana, both politically and jurisdictionally, this boundary goes practically unnoticed by the tourists. What is more, it is not even incorporated in the lifestyle of the settlers who cross it everyday over any of the two bridges in order to carry on with their daily routines.
The most beautiful bridge is the one located in the center of Sierra de la Ventana, which belongs to the railway system that leads to Sierra de la Ventana station (former Sauce Grande station). At present, the train gets to Sierra de la Ventana very early in the morning, when it is still dark, and it leaves towards the City of Buenos Aires when the night falls. Therefore, the rails are not dangerous during the day, when both pedestrians and cyclists dare to tour them.

  • The water, a magnificent attraction

    The water, a magnificent attraction

  • The rails are not dangerous during the day

    The rails are not dangerous during the day

  • Historical and photographic heritage

    Historical and photographic heritage

  • Autumnal Villa Arcadia

    Autumnal Villa Arcadia

Autumnal Villa Arcadia
At present, the small village has three hundred permanent residents, but in the high season, the visitors to the shire help increase the population number to over two thousand.
Walking the town streets is one of the most pleasant activities for visitors. Oaks, acacias, willows, poplars and birches, as well as hundreds of plants contribute with various colors while birds of all species, foxes and hares give movement to the grass and the meadows that cross the valleys.
Ymcapolis is a beautiful venue owned by the Youth Christian Association and which, along with its eye-catching lawn and its coquettish furniture, has made the place famous worldwide.
Fishing, along with the famous John Gray hatchery, which lies only 3 kilometers away, is another great local attraction. The Sauce Grande, yellow, ocher and brownish during the fall and the winter, and carrying all shades of green during the spring and the summer, is the spine of the village.

Tea and fondue are the perfect excuse to take a breather and taste ancient recipes after a nap. Made of cheese or chocolate, they may be enjoyed at La Angelita, one of those typical houses from the early XXth century which has been setting a precedent when it comes to tea, jams and homebaked cakes for over fifteen years.
Surrounded by beautiful sceneries, various outdoor activities may be enjoyed here. From hiking and horseback riding to bicycle rides or ascents to the small 464-meter-high Mount Ceferino, also known as the “mount of love”, which enables climbers to have an excellent view of the entire region, including Mounts Ventana and Tres Picos.
Historical and photographic heritage, nature and sceneries, handicrafts and handmade products, peace and quietness, excursions and adventure, art and culture are some of the nouns that best describe this beautiful place which can be accessed, simply, on the other side of the river.

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