Pehuenia: Valleys and Volcanoes

Aluminé River (foto: Jorge González)Aluminé River (foto: Jorge González)

The particular geography of northern Neuquén has been named after the presence of monkey-tree specimens, also known as pehuenes. The City of Aluminé is the access to the region where these trees co-exist with meltdown rivers and lakes. The rivers feature cascades, rapids and exceptional nooks for angling in all its manifestations. Every year, the Pehuén National Festival is held in Aluminé.

Villa Pehuenia appears following the road northwards, lying on Lake Aluminé. Its mild streets and lifestyle give evidence that this is a site where rest competes with the adrenaline of outdoor sports. The whole Pehuén Corridor shelters native Mapuche communities that still contribute their culture to the activities available in the region, amidst the unspoiled natural scene.

Even if the summer season is relatively short, it is the ideal time to practice mountaineering, hiking or any of the countless options for adventure enthusiasts. As far as mountain climbing is concerned, the Domuyo Volcano is one of the most popular destinations where the strength and technical skills of climbers are proved. Hitting the summit may be the aim but some are satisfied just to reach the heights in order to test their physical condition, as well as the use of harnesses, carabiners and ropes.

When the winter comes, Batea Mahuida snow park in Villa Pehuenia and Primeros Pinos close to Zapala grow year after year. Snowy forests are ideal for dog sledding, snowmobiling or snowshoeing immersed in silence.

Tours and Activities

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Trout Fishing in Aluminé

The District of Aluminé has rivers and lakes in most of which the capture of salmonidae and perch is allowed. Anglers just need to know the rules and regulations and abide by them.

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Ancient Woodlands in the Pehuenia Circuit

The tour is characterized by the constant presence of monkey-puzzle trees. In addition, five lakes and countless creeks and natural attractions...

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Batea Mahuida Ski Resort

Batea Mahuida Volcano turned its rage off for ever and let a lagoon appear in its crater. It changed fire by water and let mapuche people who are historical inhabitants...

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Monkey-Puzzle Tree Festival

Easter’s long weekend is perfect to pay tribute to the monkey-puzzle tree, a typical species on the Andean area in the Province of Neuquén.

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Lake Ruca Choroi, in the Mapuche Land

Lake Ruca Choroi occupies a small surface and lies within an almost uncharted territory, where the lenga and monkey-puzzle tree woodlands prevail while the “choroi” become noticeable.

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Laguna Blanca National Park

The National Park envelops Laguna Blanca protecting an ecosystem whose great number of aquatic birds can be observed during an educational outing.

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Small Hidden Lake Quillén

Choosing Lake Quillén as a destination for an all-day outing is venturing to see the real unspoiled Patagonian Andean forest and print it in our memory once we go back home.

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Rafting down the Aluminé Rapids

The wild waters of the Aluminé River, its curves and bends are the perfect scene to practice rafting. Its spectacular rapids gain more and more adrenaline enthusiasts day after day.

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