Correntoso Lake Beach

Very close to Villa La Angostura, just 5 kilometers away, Lake Correntoso invites visitors to spend a day on the beach, having fun and enjoying fishing.

We were staying at Villa La Angostura and some friends recommended that we should spend an afternoon at Correntoso Lake Beach. Not only is this place spectacular, but it is also very near the city, we were said. We got on our cars and took national Route 231 heading for the Seven-Lake Road. After less than 5 kilometers, a detour on the left led us straight to our destination.

It is easy to understand why the dwellers of Villa La Angostura choose this place as a space for recreation. It is not just due to the fact that the lake is close: the beauty of its waters is well worth a longest journey.

There is a fully-equipped camping site in the area with everything necessary to spend a few days: from shady trees to pitch a tent to convenience stores selling food. Besides, of course, there are bathrooms and drinking water.

  • A day on the beach

    A day on the beach

  • Space for recreation

    Space for recreation

  • A fully-equipped camping

    A fully-equipped camping

  • Kayaking and canoeing

    Kayaking and canoeing

  • An accessible and delightful spot

    An accessible and delightful spot

  • The water was not as cold as in other lakes

    The water was not as cold as in other lakes

The first thing we did as we arrived was to dive in the lake. To our surprise, we discovered the water was not as cold as in other lakes, like the Nahuel Huapi, for instance. We enjoyed ourselves quietly.

We also observed that many people practiced activities such as kayaking and canoeing. We learned that tours on motorboat are allowed, at a moderate speed. On the shore, others would play quoits or football 5. Horseback rides are also available.

After we dried ourselves and had some rest, we went for a walk along the lakeshore. We reached the Correntoso River, which joins this lake with the Nahuel Huapi. This river is considered one of the shortest in the world. It features beautiful sights and is a highly interesting site for anglers.

A road bridge crosses the river at 35 meters of height and it gives origin to two zones. At the first one, on the north, where the source of the river is located, fishing is forbidden because it is where the trout spawn. The second one is the river mouth and anglers may cast their flies there to try and catch some specimen.

After our walk, we had some mate on the lake shore and, finally, we started our way back. In only one afternoon, we had discovered an accessible and delightful spot, always available for whoever wishes to pay a visit.

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