Tourism in Neuquén

Caviahue (photo: Jorge González)

Caviahue (photo: Jorge González)

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.

The steppe, centered upon the City of Neuquén itself, offers paleontological tourism at excavation sites and museums. As well, the more recent Wine Route comprises various wineries that open their gates to visitors.

In the north, early populations like Chos Malal and Andacollo are devoted to raising goats and sheep. They treasure the traditions of rural Neuquén. The hot spring area lies within this zone, towards the south and on the mountain range, being the Districts of Caviahue and Copahue the most representative.

Ancient monkey-puzzle tree forests make up a wild and dry scene in the central west region, namely in Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia.

In the south, the Lake District is admired for its forests and its intricate basins, whose crystal-clear waters bathe lands of volcanic origin. The Seven-Lake Road runs across this sector and it gives evidence of the natural harmony enjoyed at this location, joining San Martín de los Andes and Villa la Angostura.

Adventure activities are practiced at several locations. Ascents to the Lanín and Domuyo Volcanoes are meant for experts. The Andean Track invites everyone to experience long-distance hiking tours but there are also lighter options available at each destination. The most outstanding sport is probably fishing, especially fly-casting.

Winters and their strong snowfalls give life to five ski centers along the mountain range in Neuquén: Chapelco, Cerro Bayo, Caviahue, Batea Mahuida and Primeros Pinos, lure snow sport enthusiasts.

Neuquén has been a generous land for its settlers and it continues to be for travelers who choose it as a place to rest and relish recreation.

Featured Attractions

Copahue and its Hot Springs

Copahue is a thermal city and its famous volcano is to blame for this. Rare, different and exotic, after spending a while in this location, visitors learn to love it.

For several years, this site located in Northern Neuquén has been a favorite destination for various generations who have been visiting and recommending this place not only to relax but also to recover from all kinds of skin disease.

Arrayanes Forest

The mapuche legend goes that Maivé fell madly in love with him as soon as she saw him. The beautiful ketri or myrtle forms a unique forest in the Quetrihué Peninsula.

As ancient as they are beautiful, their thick trunks are covered by soft thin sheets that make up the cold bark dyed in a delicate cinnamon color.

Heading for the Lanín Volcano

Determined to climb the Lanín volcano, we prepared the necessary equipment and the corresponding authorizations to make this high mountain expedition possible. We hired the services of an experienced and registered guide from Lanín National Park to be informed on how to go about this longed-for climbing outing.

The guide politely told us that Lanín is a demanding option since it entails great physical effort .

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