Copahue Copahue - Photos: 1 y 2 Santiago Gaudio / 3: Jorge González
Source of virtues, the Copahue Volcano reigns over these Andean range heights. Copahue or "site of sulphur" was so baptized by the mapuche people, the first to recognize the thermal properties of the area.
Only 18 kilometers separate this village from Caviahue, 388 kilometers from Neuquén capital city. Located at the feet of the volcano, it offers a large hot spring resort, with infrastructure and services authorized only during the summer, from November to May.

Recognized worldwide and backed by the World Health Organization, the Copahue hot springs have valuable properties that justify their fame. Their thawing waters acquire chemical and mineral attributes of different concentration, originating sources and springs of green, sulphurous, Vichy and ferruginous waters, among other things.
The perfect key to combine health and beauty: bath therapy, mud therapy, massage, all this under the supervision of the resort permanent medical team.

And beyond the hedonist cult of bath and relax, Copahue offers sites worth visiting, such as the lagoon and the volcano crater, as well as the possibility of practicing sport fishing and low hunting in the estancias of the area, with the owners’ previous authorization.
In Copahue, the high mountain weather is dry, with strong winds and ups and downs in the atmospheric pressure. It presents sudden temperature changes and, even in the summer, snowfalls may be registered, though the strongest snowfalls take place from April to October. Mean annual temperature is between 3 and 4º C and there is wide thermal amplitude in the summer.

It is accessed through the same routes leading to Caviahue from Neuquén: National 22 and Provincial 21 and 26, going along the last 18 kilometers after Caviahue towards the Northwest along this same road.
Rustic and peaceful, Copahue offers its volcanic treasures to all visitors in search of a well-deserved and rejuvenating break.

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