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On the banks of the impetuous Aluminé River, in the center West of the Province of Neuquén, is this precious nook of the mountain range, surrounded by cypresses that grow among the rocks and millenary monkey-puzzle forests.

Alum miné –"glittering well"– was the name given by the mapuches, who dwelled and controlled the entire area until the desert campaign and the definite settlement of colonists as from 1880. Officially founded in 1915, it has a stable population of approximately 5,642 inhabitants, both in urban and rural areas, and its economy is based on ovine and bovine cattle, forest exploitation and tourist activities.

Aluminé is the main door to the Pehuenia area, which presents a varied hotel, gastronomic and services infrastructure, with both traditional and non-conventional tourist options, spread in an environment of incredible beauty.

Of predominant native vegetation, with mountains carpeted with ñires, caña colihue, oak trees and monkey-puzzle trees or pehuenes, this place offers paths such as those leading to Ruca Choroi, Carri Lil, Lonco Luan, Villa Pehuenia, la Angostura, Moquehue, Ñorquinco, Quillén, Pulmarí, Lake Hui Hui and Cañadón Malaco, along which you can go by car, on foot or horseback.

The fast-flowing rivers, cascades and blue lakes are suitable for sport fishing of brown, rainbow trout and fontinalis, as well as perch. Navigable all year round, the waters and rapids of the Aluminé River are the scenery for the Argentine Kayak Championship, which summons amateurs of this activity, and the tourist category Rafting Championship.

Loyal to its roots, Aluminé is also the site chosen to celebrate the Monkey-puzzle Provincial Day, which summons local and national artists representative of popular culture during the first fortnight of March.

For its template and humid Andean weather, summers are fresh, with minimum temperatures of 3º C and maximum temperatures ranging from 28º to 30º C. During the winter, temperatures go down to 5.5º C minimum and 15.4º C maximum, with some snow storms on the mountains. Rains, which are scarce, occur generally on Autumn nights.

Expression of an untouched nature that shelters in the mountains and lakes, a site for beholding and adventure, Aluminé is an open invitation to enjoy nature and see the cultural roots that protect and dwell in its lands.

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