Thermal Patagonia

Copahue Hot Springs (photo: Jorge González)Copahue Hot Springs (photo: Jorge González)

The thermal region comprises northern Neuquén and includes the Districts of Caviahue and Copahue. The former developed and became consolidated as a town as a result of thermal activity and winter sports. Its proximity to the Copahue Volcano, on whose hillsides lies a ski resort, enables visitors to enjoy mountain and adventure activities, such as horseback riding and hiking.

Inside Copahue Provincial Park, the nooks of Caviahue hide creeks, cascades and forests of ancient monkey-puzzle trees, scattered around a vast meadow. Its ski resort ensures high-quality powder snow and is ideal to practice alpine and cross-country skiing.

Copahue is a very particular population, only accessed in the summer months where waters and mud with healthily beneficial mineral properties were detected many years ago. Amidst this arid land, the modern Copahue Hot Springs Resort appears when the snow melts and closes when it starts to snow again.

Famous worldwide and sponsored by the World Health Organization, the hot springs of Copahue feature valuable properties that justify their fame. The perfect solution to combine health and beauty: balneotherapy, mud therapy, massage sessions, everything under the supervision of the venue's permanent medical staff.

Tours and Activities

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Very Warm Waters

While in Copahue, visitors may visit two sites which have made this region famous: Las Maquinarias and Las Maquinitas. >, which stand for “the machinery” and “the little machines”...

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Sunset at Lake Hualcupén

Very close to Caviahue, following a secondary road, a magical spot is accessed. The surrounding mountains and the community that lives there in the summer are reflected on the small lake of crystal-clear waters.

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Copahue and its Hot Spring Center

Copahue is a thermal city and its famous volcano is to blame for this. Rare, different and exotic, after spending a while in this location, visitors learn to love it.

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Where the River Falls

When in Copahue, visitors should not miss the chance to see Salto del Agrio. Located in the city outskirts, the beauty of this site gathers curious tourists from all round the world.

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The Spirit of Caviahue

We skied among ancient monkey puzzles in the Caviahue Ski Resort. We enjoyed the powder snow and experienced all the trails of the resort.

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Ski in Caviahue

With the portentous scenography of millenary araucarias, and conjugating ski with the best thermal therapies, you will find in this resort...

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Summer Cattle Transhumance

While traveling the solitary local roads, it is amazing to find a great deal of goats being driven to better lands by the Mapuche communities.

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