Villa Traful

Villa Traful Villa Traful - Photos: Eduardo Epifanio

Featuring the typical layout of a mountain village, Villa Traful is nestled in a unique environment, an ideal place to rest and enjoy outdoor life. Its entire settlement rests on the hill of terraced mountain overlooking Lake Traful. Superb vegetation protects the village from the winds coming from the mountain range and provides a delightful frame for the beautiful cabins and houses.

It represents a mandatory stop while traveling between San Carlos de Bariloche and San Martín de los Andes, both of which lie approximately 100 kilometers away from Villa Traful. In turn, 60 kilometers separate it from Villa La Angostura. Even if some stretches of the road are made of gravel, they are well maintained and passable. Only in the winter is it necessary to be alert for possible snowfalls or ice on the pavement. The streets in the village are winding and follow the slopes on the ground. Wood prevails in all constructions, including fences and ornaments.

Community activities are concentrated in the civic center. In the last few years, and due to the great development, the population has spread out towards the high part of the hills and along the provincial route that borders the lake. Its denizens have worked hard for the tourist growth of Villa Traful. The number of visitors who wish to visit this place teeming with natural beauty and quite unspoiled by man increases year after year.

Villa Traful is proud to have crystal-clear waters free of pollution and a lake that mimics the color of the sky. Its multiple aquatic activities and beaches of gorgeous sand or rock make it the appropriate place to spend delightful vacations and rest. Fishing is one of the main activities offered by the village. Rivers and exceptional nooks in the vast lake guaranty the catch of good specimens.

As it is immersed in the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Villa Traful follows certain rules regarding the management of the soil and special cares to avoid environmental pollution.

The features of the surroundings, with rock formations and cascades, provide the scenery to enjoy countless hiking tours and horseback rides. A wide range of circuits presenting various degrees of difficulty and getting deep into the neighboring hills may be chosen.

A great variety of lodgings, gastronomic venues and tourist services promises an excellent stay year round. All essential services are available, except Internet access, which is only provided at certain authorized centers.

Villa Traful is chosen to rest and forget about the stress and the routine generated by the big cities. At night, options are given by a good dinner or draft beer while watching a film. There are no discos.

The landscapes, the perfumes and the lifestyle of Villa Traful provide quietness and time to enjoy nature in an almost untouched form.

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Villa Traful

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