Gualeguaychú at Night

The interesting nightlife of this district in Entre Ríos featuring mild climate is based on the rhythms of the Carnival, as well as on other assorted and amusing activities.

During the daytime, the charming littoral landscape of Gualeguaychú dazzles everyone year round. On summer nights, amusement boasts different faces. During the Carnival, the corsódromo is a must visit and there are popular entertainment points year round.

After spending a day on the beach, there is nothing better than eating at some of the restaurants or diners located on 25 de Mayo Avenue or the seafront. Breweries and steak houses serve river fish (bogas, pacúes, surubíes) at the tables they set on the sidewalk. Entire families start their pilgrimage in search of a good regional dish for dinner.

At the same time, countless street shows take hold of the pedestrian street and some corners. Musicians, circus artists, living statues and comedians amuse the audience and then collect some contribution from them.

  • Carnival time

    Carnival time

  • Comedians amuse the public

    Comedians amuse the public

  • Worth living night life

    Worth living night life

  • An excellent comical music show

    An excellent comical music show

Batucadas may gather at any point of the city and they usually represent the attraction before going to the disco. Some of these venues are always in fashion.

As well, new facilities are opened year after year and each group of young people moves up and down the area in order to feel identified with the music played. The important thing is not to miss anything each summer and to relish tropical drinks, digital sound and lights.

Those who cannot get enough from just listening to their favorite singers also choose to dance. Girls and boys have a good time moving their bodies to the rhythm of the top hits of the season. There are also those who choose to see the sunrise in the downtown beaches.

In the evening, when the temperatures are hot, Gualeguaychú makes everyone want to stay awake.

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