The Beaches of Gualeguaychú

The City of Gualeguaychú features a wide array of beaches and recreation areas ideal for the summertime. Here are some of the best known.

The City of Gualeguaychú features plenty of beaches, both on the river bearing the same name –which refreshes both denizens and visitors every summer- and on the shores of the beautiful and wide Uruguay River, where Ñandubaysal Swim Hole invites everyone to get carried away by the quietness of those crystal-clear waters.

In the City

Within the radio made up by the city where the Carnival of the Country is celebrated, we can find pretty swim holes such as Norte, Costa Azul, El Salto, la Puerta del Sol, Bikini, Puerto Boca or Solar del Este. All these sites are perfect to enjoy the sunshine and the beach in an environment surrounded by weeping willows and pine trees that co-exist in harmony with the high summer temperatures.

In the Outskirts

  • Perfect places

    Perfect places

  • Surrounded by lush vegetation

    Surrounded by lush vegetation

  • An enviable place

    An enviable place

  • Solar del Este

    Solar del Este

A little farther away, but relatively close, lie other beaches that summon less visitors and are therefore quieter to enjoy the day. They lie within private venues, though.

Some of them are Los Pinos -a picturesque cutwater located on Provincial Route 20, just 11 kilometers away from the city-, Vertiente Los Algarrobos -which lies on Gualeyán Creek- and Puente Viejo Gualeyán -also located on the historical creek. They are all fantastic sites to find quietness, silence and usually good fishing.

The Most Famous of them All

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the most famous swim hole in this area is Ñandubaysal. Lying just 18 kilometers away from the city, its white sandy beach is one of the neatest and most picturesque in the Province of Entre Ríos. As a result of the properties of its waters and the excellent services available for tourists, this is one of the most popular destinations to enjoy the summer.

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