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It is located in the Southwest, on the cliffs over the Corriente River. “Corriente”, without the final “s” which indicates the plural and which is included in the name of the province. With a total surface of 3,928 square kilometers, the district of Esquina lies in the Vth Western Region in the Province of Corrientes, also known as the Corriente River Lowlands.

It is bordered on the Northwest by the district of Curuzú Cuatiá, on the East by the district of Sauce, on the South by the City of La Paz -in the Province of Entre Ríos-, on the Northeast by the City of Goya. On the West, lies the City of Alejandra y San Javier, in the Province of Santa Fe.

Standing 324 kilometers away from Corrientes, the capital of the province, and 700 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires, Esquina is a paradise of islands, rivers and wetlands that enable visitors to rest and enjoy a scenery that offers a wide range of activities for the entire family.

Esquina belongs to the Province of Corrientes “River Route” tourist circuit. One of its most fascinating natural attractions is the natural delta formed at the mouth of the Corriente River in the Paraná River, opposite the city harbor.

Its islands, rivers and streams feature excellent dorado and surubí fishing. Fly-fishing is favored by the transparency of the waters and, in addition to tarariras, large dorados may be caught in small wetlands.

Wildlife observation along its rivers, marshlands and scrublands turns this city into one of the most attractive destinations for lovers of landscape photography and birdwatching in general.

Rural tourism enables visitors to stay at traditional estancia shells, where they can observe lifestyle in the Corrientes countryside.

The city also offers an ideal environment to get close to the life and work of local craftsmen, where woven textiles and cow and capybara leather works, as well as mates with unique details, delight visitors who stroll about the handicrafts market or the various streets surrounding the main square and the Santa Rita de Cassia Church.

The popular festivals celebrated here include Carnival, which is commemorated in February and the Pacú National Festival, celebrated in March, which attracts not only national anglers but also fishermen from bordering countries, who come along in search for this large fish.

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