Fishing in Esquina

“Chamigo pescador” is a Guaraní-Argentinian expression that became famous in the Province of Corrientes and all around the country. There, thousands of fans gather in search of their large dorados and surubíes.

Welcome to Paradise

“Chamigo pescador” means “welcome” in the language of fishing fans. Esquina is one of the favourite cities in Corrientes to go fishing. Surrounding rivers, wetlands, lagoons and swamps are a real paradise for sport anglers.

Even with a river which is no longer the river it used to be, it is still possible to catch large specimens of surubíes, dorados and patíes apart from manduvás, moncholos, pacúes, bogas, amarillos, armados, rays, yellow catfish, and salmons. These species which are part of the smaller river variety, are responsible for entertaining those who are taking their first steps in sport fishing, specially children.

Among the existing methods and techniques, in Corrientes River and in the Paraná Delta, fly casting, spinning and trolling can be practiced from a boat.

  • A sublime moment

    A sublime moment

  • A real paradise for sport anglers

    A real paradise for sport anglers

  • Fishing in the Island Territories

    Fishing in the Island Territories

  • Accompany with guides

    Accompany with guides

Pacú National Festival

In March, the Pacú National Festival is celebrated in Esquina and the invitation is open for anyone who loves fishing. But besides this beautiful fish which is so hard to catch, there is a particular one which has turned fishing into a new mysticism: the dorado. The Guaraní Indians would use it as food, but first they worshipped their gods since they believed the dorado was a blessing. Even the Spanish conquerors were fascinated by its beauty and voracity, unusual characteristics in European fish.

Another fish treasured by the Paraná is the surubí. Weighing more than twenty kilos –it used to reach one hundred in the past-, this is one of the great fish attracting anglers from all over the world.

Fishing in the Island Territories

Apart from the species to be caught, one of the main attractions in Esquina is the possibility of fishing in the island territories, even to spend the night there.
At this time, everything is quieter and all sounds vanish, an ideal moment when the hunting fish like the dorado and the surubí get ready to do what they know best: hunt.

Always following the catch and release motto, many anglers include living in the islands in their fishing activity. Together with local experts or guides, anglers let themselves be carried away by this special and fascinating world of the river and the islands.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: To hire a good guide increases the chances of fishing. Guides spend most of their lives in the river and they are the ones to know these places best. Thus, if a family fishing tour is planned, the best option is to visit the tourist office (in the main square) and ask for the official guide list.


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