History of Esquina

For some, it was founded in February 10, 1806 and for others in May 22, 1799. The truth is that in the early 1800s, Esquina was more than a place where the boats going up and down the Paraná River used to stop. Back then, the spot had over 1,000 inhabitants, its streets had been properly laid out and its authorities properly appointed. All this completed the basic requirements to be recognized as a town in the provincia de Corrientes. The founders of the city were Benito Lamela and Matías Carrera, in 1806, but the point was that the foundation of the city has not ceased to be polemical matter arising controversy even today. Some people assert that its founder was bishop Lué y Riega, dead in March 21, 1812, and that he founded the town in 1799. This bishop was accused of treason against the May Revolution for having joined the Spanish band in 1810. Therefore, Esquina does not pay tribute to him, although some people assure that he was its real founder. In 1960, the municipal authorities appointed a committee integrated by the most ancient citizens in town, with the aim of managing to get to an agreement on the foundation date. Finally, as it did not have an expiration date, the committee never came to an agreement. Therefore, although the foundation date is celebrated on the day of the patron saint of Corrientes -May 22, 1799-, this date was never approved officially as the foundation date of the City of Esquina. In 1990, national interest for fixing the exact date increased. Exhibitions, conferences and discussions about the subject were the talk of the town, but the position assumed, as well as the results of the discussions, were not unanimously accepted by the entire population. Today, over two centuries after its original foundation, the matter has not been settled. This invites the eldest settlers to come along and refresh their memory and remember what their parents and grandparents told them about this singular moment. Maybe the truth still remains.
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