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Esquina is the land of islands outlined by rivers, streams and marshlands that hide a wonderful kind of nature where man is also the protagonist.

Esquina is majestic from every point of view. And if viewing it does not imply having any prejudice and capturing the image of the other from a much deeper place, that is to say, from its essence, that view is twice as valuable.

Not only is there the true possibility of finding other people but also ourselves on these islands. As if all this was about looking for a sort of mirror into which we can see who we really are.

Its plentiful rivers and its cozy estancias, really simple and with a cheerful atmosphere, hold the key to enjoy the surroundings of Esquina and this beautiful province: Corrientes.

Lagoons with clear waters and wetlands teeming with unique species give shape to the islands, countless at times, which turn out to be the scenery for myths, legends and popular beliefs that sustain the local folklore and, of course, inspire the chamamé, one of the typical kinds of music that has survived the passing of time.

  • Boats leave at all hours to get deep among the islands

    Boats leave at all hours to get deep among the islands

  • A wonderful kind of nature

    A wonderful kind of nature

  • Majestic from every point of view

    Majestic from every point of view

  • Disembark in a different place

    Disembark in a different place

From the local port, boats leave at all hours to get deep among the islands. They are an invitation to attempt fishing and find other lifestyles and philosophies which may differ from ours but are extremely interesting anyway.

Discovering capybara, otters, foxes, rheas, alligators, turtles, marsh deer, hares, armadillos, partridges, as well as all kinds of insects, becomes more and more usual as we sail around the Esquina delta.

It is in this very spot where producing the photo camera and getting immersed in a photographic safari becomes totally worthwhile. Not only will we try to reflect nature, but also the men who harmoniously mingle with it.

It is possible to watch the lifestyle these islands hide. The lives of men and women for whom the river is everything, even simplicity. And for whom Esquina, the city, is where everything works in a different way, with other noises. Where the clock is fast.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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