GastronomyContemplative Tourism

El Mercado, A Most Charming Attraction

How do we leave track in a city we love? El Mercado, A Charming Attraction is one of those stories.

KayacContemplative Tourism

Villa La Angostura and the Pleasure of Kayaking

Learning the first notions to kayak at Lake Nahuel Huapi shows nature from a very close distance and helps us get inner harmony.

Contemplative Tourism

Hiking towards the Belvedere Viewpoint, Inacayal Cascade

Touring around the trails that join both attractions let us make contact with the Andean-Patagonian forests. We watched the surroundings from a natural viewpoint...

Contemplative Tourism

Correntoso Lake Beach

Very close to Villa La Angostura, just 5 kilometers away, Lake Correntoso invites visitors to spend a day on the beach, having fun and enjoying fishing.

Religious TourismContemplative Tourism

Chapel of the Assumption of the Virgin

The Chapel of the Assumption and the Parish of Our Lady of the Lakes appear to be small but imposing on a hill. The denizens of Villa La Angostura feel proud of them.

Ski & Snowboard

Bayo Mount Ski Resort (in the winter)

These past years, it has become very difficult not to relate Villa la Angostura with Cerro Bayo ,a ski center with unique features due to the natural beauty and the hospitality of its people...

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Garden Festival at Villa La Angostura

A new issue of the National Garden Festival will be held in Villa La Angostura.

CanopyAdventureClimbingContemplative Tourism

La Piedra Recreation Center

About three kilometers away from Villa La Angostura, La Piedra Recreation Center offers all mountain activities in one place: adventure and amusement guaranteed.


Zip-lining through a Forest in Villa La Angostura

A fascinating experience amidst an ancient forest. Close to the village, canopy may be practiced along various air trails, ideal to be enjoyed with the family.

Contemplative Tourism

Patagonian New Year

On June 24, the primitive peoples both from Chile and Argentina celebrate the beginning of the new year. An ancient tradition which attracts new visitors every year.

Mountain BikeContemplative Tourism

Mountain Biking along the Old Road to Lake Espejo

Nature and challenge are experienced in a singular way on a mountain bike. We toured around the outskirts of Villa La Angostura following the old road to Lake Espejo: dirt trails with plenty of slopes.

Horse Riding

Belvedere Hill and Inacayal Cascade on Horseback

We rode with “Tero” Bogani along the ancient paths he rediscovered to join two nooks you cannot miss in Villa La Angostura: the Belvedere vantage point and the Inacayal Waterfall.

Contemplative Tourism

On Bayo Hill, Three Viewpoints and One Cascade

Three panoramic points and imposing sceneries in which Lake Nahuel Huapi shows off for visitors to photograph and admire. A very high cascade crowns the tour.

Contemplative Tourism

Lake Excursion to Arrayanes Forest

The mapuche legend goes that Maivé fell madly in love with him as soon as she saw him. The beautiful ketri or myrtle forms a unique forest in the Quetrihué Peninsula.

Tourism in Neuquén

The tourist attractions boasted by the Province of Neuquén throughout its territory are multiple and each region has a particular feature.

Contemplative Tourism

Artisans Fair

Every day in the week in Bahia Mansa port of Villa La Angostura a group of artisans gather to sell their products in the lot of the Producers Association of the village.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes

El Parque Nacional Los Arrayanes fue creado en el año 1971 al desprenderse del Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi, con el objetivo de proteger un singular bosque de arrayanes...

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi

El Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi fue la primera área protegida del país, creada en el año 1934 a partir de la donación de 3 leguas cuadradas de tierras que realizara Francisco Pascasio Moreno en 1903.

Contemplative Tourism

Viewpoints on Quetrihué Peninsula

After an intense hiking tour, three viewpoints over Lake Nahuel Huapi very close to the port display the amazing vastness of the lake and its surroundings.


The Historical Regional Museum of Villa La Angostura

The members of the community of Villa La Angostura themselves have made an effort to preserve the traces from the past that gave shape to this site. The Historical Regional Museum is open to all visitors.


Sailing across Lake Nahuel Huapi

We discovered beaches and nooks in the vastness of Lake Nahuel Huapi which may only be reached by water. The prevailing winds moved the sails letting us go ahead and maneuver.

Horse Riding

A New Way to See Mount Bayo, on Horseback

A different way to tour around well-known Mount Bayo: we reached its most impressive viewpoints on horseback.

Contemplative Tourism

The Nahuel Huapi Lake

This lake of glacial origin is characterized by being both majestic and changing. All throughout the day and the year, its variations are translated into different colors and textures.

Contemplative TourismFishing

Fishing in Lake Espejo

Every time I think of fly fishing in the lake, I feel something unusual. Maybe that is because I am used to go fly casting in rivers...

Mountain BikeContemplative Tourism

Bike Tours around Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura offers a great deal of possibilities for visitors who wish to make contact with nature and explore the area. The best way to do this is riding a bike.

Contemplative Tourism

Green Lagoon Interpretive Trail

This small lake or laguna is located 1200 meters away from Puerto Angostura. It is placed in the middle of a thick forest of local trees such as cypress, coihues, arrayanes...

Contemplative Tourism

A Tour around Lake Nahuel Huapi on a Sailing-boat

We went out on a sailing boat across the waters of the Nahuel Huapi. A spectacular day and warm wind gusts contributed to spreading the sails of the “Luz de Luna”.

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