Sailing across Lake Nahuel Huapi

White rocky gullies, sandy beaches and cliffs are part of a nautical circuit with natural harbors accessed through a unique navigation.
Whoever has experienced sailboating will read this article and revive the feeling of quietness obtained when sliding on the water surface as silence is heard.

Just like in previous seasons, some friends and I had chosen Villa La Angostura as our holiday destination in order to be amazed by its nooks. As we got there, we were glad to meet some college classmates who shared our taste and needs.

They were regular helmsmen and knew the area quite well. They had rented a watercraft for the entire week from a local operator. We accepted their invitation to go out sailing for two days.

The name of the sailing boat was Bora. It was moored at Bahía Manzano, a haven protected from the winds where lovers of sailing usually get together.

We met at the pier at the time arranged and after everyone had been properly introduced, everything began. Our friends got ready for the outing: the sails, the distribution of weight, the necessary administrative proceedings, etc. And we set sail...
  • Sliding on the water surface as silence is heard

    Sliding on the water surface as silence is heard

  • Navigate in semirigid

    Navigate in semirigid

  • The coast of Nahuel

    The coast of Nahuel

  • Driven by the passion for nature

    Driven by the passion for nature

  • A privileged place

    A privileged place

We advanced slowly leaving the shore behind. We just felt the soft breeze on our face. The temperature was nice and everything was waiting for us. The sailors felt proud to unfold the sails, getting past another sailing boat and “working” in silence to finish those first maneuvers.

As we faced Manzano Hill, the west wind blowing on the lake was felt even inside the bay, but the conditions were still good. At the end of the vast Nahuel Huapi, it showed its entire magnificence.

Water Looking Glass

Feeling the wind on our face as we sailed across the lake was awe-inspiring. For inexperienced sailors, it was an unexpected prize and we succeeded in making the most of it.

We surrounded part of Victoria Island as we discovered several kinds of beaches, fjords, cliffs and the sounds of the birds inside the forest. It was indescribable!

We headed for Piedras Blancas Beach, on the shore of that island. Its bay was hard to miss and in the distance it looked as a Caribbean beach, with incredibly green-bluish waters.

At sunset, we pitched a tent on the sand, we lit a bonfire among the rocks and got ready to have dinner. Afterwards, lying on the ground and tasting a delicious wine, we would count the stars. The relaxed conversation gave way to our personal anecdotes.

We felt tiny inside that wonderful cosmos and a thin but glowing moon escorted the moment. The next morning, we woke up to the sound of the water reaching the beach in the form of small waves. We continued sailing in order to discover other nooks during the day.

As we left Victoria Island behind, we could see huge red rocks. They were red indeed. We discovered Lynch Beach and, across the lake, the myrtle-tree forest.

The locals made us experience their former navigation adventures: a tour around the Huemul Arm, where houses are spectacular and only accessed by water. Then we took another tour to Chabol Beach on the Machete Arm. There are huemul reserves where these specimens may be mapped with silence and patience.

At that moment, we became aware of what we had been missing because we did not know everything Villa La Angostura had to offer: unexplored areas only reached by boat are a must for all those who can lead a sailing boat or a RIB.

Fishing was also a protagonist during our short outing. Some of us made an attempt to hold a rod and perform the classic movements. “There’s one!” We heard that only twice but were not able to catch them.

In several occasions, we let our mind get lost in the vastness. The colors of sunset changed into gold and the horizon seemed to fade in a kind of dust.

We went back at sunset. We would watch the shore and its houses and cabins with huge windows which seemed to be hanging from the forest. The marina was getting nearer and nearer and that meant that our two days had come to an end.

We made a toast with our mugs of chill beer to bid farewell at the marina’s café and made a promise to meet again and repeat that experience.
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Useful Data

Tour type: Rib Ride

Bear in mind: All the watercrafts for rent have been authorized by the National Park Administration and Prefectura Nacional Argentina.
It is essential to have a helmsman license according to the kind of watercraft hired.
It is convenient to make reservations in advance.
A marina service is available for those who get here on their own boat.


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