On Bayo Hill, Three Viewpoints and One Cascade

We followed the bends on the path leading to the top of Bayo Hill. Once there, we got impressive views of the village mountainous environment and the secrets of its Bonito River.
Bayo Hill is specially known for its ski resort. The same access path lets visitors use it year round and discover Lake Nahuel Huapi from a different perspective.

We took Route 66, which would deposit us at the base of the ski resort. Some observation decks caught our attention, so we parked our car to investigate. There were three of them and the view of the big water body running from West to East was similar but from different points of view.

We took a thousand shots of the area, astonished by the view. From each of the vantage points, we could make out a huge portion of water and forest.

The first balcony overlooked the center of the village; the second one, the middle of the lake; and the third one, the area called Huemul. Three looks of one same lake that could be reproduced by one panoramic shot.
  • We fixed our eyes on the fall

    We fixed our eyes on the fall

  • The secrets of its Bonito River

    The secrets of its Bonito River

  • We exchanged our cameras

    We exchanged our cameras

  • Lake Nahuel Huapi from a different perspective

    Lake Nahuel Huapi from a different perspective

We followed the broad comfortable path. A small coihue forest with thin tall trunks caught our eye. What was special about these coihues was their grayish hue. We took some photographs and drove on.

Farther ahead, a sign post on the right indicated the trail to access the Bonito River and the cascade. We parked the car and went down a steep 200-meter-long slope.

The gloomy forest had lots of misodendron and old man’s beard. These are parasite plants that rest on the tree branches and give evidence of the high level of oxygen in the area.

As we came closer, the murmur of the water became more intense. When we saw the cascade, we stood there for a few minutes watching the waterfall from the height, which made it even more majestic.

Huge rocks featured a fracture on which the river rushed into the void and fell on a pool lying 20 meters beneath. The place was moist enough for moss and ferns to grow there. They provided an interesting green frame to that nook where the sound was deafening.

Like a Curtain

In the foreground, some huge coihues were the perfect frame to take a picture of the waterfall. We lost sight of the river stream, which flew into the forest beyond the boundaries of private property.

We exchanged our cameras with another family. We could capture the point in which the mist embraces the rainbow, creating an impressive effect.

We fixed our eyes on the fall. The water seemed to break into a thousand pieces, as if it was disintegrating itself and producing incredible shapes our imagination changed into attractive figures.
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Useful Data

Difficulty: Low

How to get here: From El Cruce in the center of Villa La Angostura, take Route 237 towards S. C. Bariloche. After 3 kilometers, turn into Route 66 up to Bayo Hill, where the ski resort is located.

We bade farewell to that river, as many other tourist attractions of the same kind were still waiting for us.


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