La Piedra Recreation Center

About three kilometers away from Villa La Angostura, La Piedra Recreation Center offers all mountain activities in one place: adventure and amusement guaranteed.
No sooner had we been told about La Piedra Recreation Center than we wanted to visit it. It was almost like an amusement park, except activities could be enjoyed in a natural environment. Various adventure travel disciplines may be experienced a few kilometers away from Villa La Angostura.

We got on the car and drove along Arrayanes Avenue heading for Bariloche. After three kilometers, we turned left into Route 66, the same that leads to Mount Bayo. Our destination lay 200 meters ahead.

As we arrived, we were informed about the multiple activities available: rappelling and Tyrolean crossing, climbing and ATV riding. That was our first choice: a tour on an all-terrain vehicle around the hillsides of Mount Bayo, a fascinating experience. Anyone can enjoy this activity, as no prior experience is required. It is quite safe. Visitors just need to feel like crossing the Patagonian woodlands at full speed.
  • Rappelling


  • Tyrolean crossing

    Tyrolean crossing

  • A day full of adrenaline

    A day full of adrenaline

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Though the ATV ride is extremely thrilling and provides access to incredible panoramic views of the entire region, after a morning at full speed, we felt like going up the mountain on our own. That is why we climbed up the main wall at La Piedra until we reached the highest step in the venue.

Of course every safety measure is carefully watched. Therefore, before going up, we had to put on a harness with ropes that would let the instructor have control over us. It is very important to pay attention to all directions given to us as we go up.

Likewise, in this case the venue has a wide range of options according to each visitor’s demands and experience. There are five climbing routes for visitors to choose.

Once at the top, it was time to go down. We had the chance to try one of the most amusing activities in the center: rappelling. Pure vertigo and rock. Just like going up, of course, but this time we had various degrees of difficulty. Again we had the necessary equipment: harness, carabiners, ropes and automatic descenders. The guide’s voice explained what to do at every minute: short jumps and slide the rope through the descender that would lead us down.

To crown a day full of adrenaline, we wished to experience Tyrolean crossing. We sat on a trolley that slides on a steel cable four meters above the ground. The circuit is about 50 meters long and the cart gains considerable speed. This activity provides great amusement for people of all ages. They just need to be willing to try. Once we got on the trolley, we fastened our safety belt and let ourselves be carried across the entire venue.

La Piedra also offers other amusing options. A classic: the elastic bed. But this is no ordinary elastic bed. Safety measures make it possible to experiment all kinds of pirouettes, even 360-degree turns. In the winter, snowshoeing tours take visitors around the snowy forests.

La Piedra, a nook treasuring huge amounts of adventure, lies very close to Villa La Angostura.
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