Bike Tours around Villa La Angostura

Villa La Angostura offers a great deal of possibilities for visitors who wish to make contact with nature and explore the area. The best way to do this is riding a bike.
If the idea is to tour around, reach hidden nooks, enjoy an adventure or make direct contact with nature, nothing better than a bicycle tour. Villa La Angostura offers countless possible destinations waiting for curious visitors. Bikes may be rented anywhere: there are plenty of offers according to different levels of expertise. Riders just need to be willing to set out.

Here we present four alternatives to access various sites in Villa La Angostura. The tours take all day and may be enjoyed with the family.

First Outing

This first outing leads to the east area of the village, following Route 237. The first stop is the Bonito River, lying five kilometers away from town. We reached this spot following a paved road and then taking the detour to Mount Bayo. The rocks on the riverbank are ideal to have a rest.
  • Leaving the Villa

    Leaving the Villa

  • Plenty of offers

    Plenty of offers

  • In groups

    In groups

  • To make contact with nature

    To make contact with nature

  • Bikes may be rented anywhere

    Bikes may be rented anywhere

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    Unforgettable moments

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    We stocked

Afterwards, we went back to the main road and continued cycling for one more kilometer up to the access to Puerto Manzano Peninsula. This picturesque site, with bays over Lake Nahuel Huapi, invites visitors to spend all afternoon and enjoy the scenery. In spite of the charm this place boasts, it is important to remember that cyclers still need to return to Villa La Angostura, which lies about seven kilometers away, and that it would be advisable to get back before dark.

Second Outing

This time, we left the downtown area heading northwest along the Seven-Lake Road. We turned right and followed the road uphill to the viewpoint over Mount Belvedere. Once there, we could enjoy the marvelous sights of the entire village, Lakes Correntoso, Nahuel Huapi and Espejo. The way up is quite tiring but totally worth the effort.

Even though the way up was tough, the return was an amazing descent up to the Seven-Lake Road. We cycled along one more kilometer up to the detour on the left towards the Correntoso River. From the beautiful wooden bridge, we could contemplate Lake Correntoso in front and Lake Nahuel Huapi behind us. Sometimes, watchers may spot trout in the river. This is a perfect site to make a stop for lunch.

Once the rest was over, we went back to the road and traveled four kilometers to the crossroads sign reading San Martín de los Andes to the right and Chile to the left. We turned right and a hundred meters ahead, we accessed the road leading to Lake Espejo.

This is a beautiful lake that tempts visitors to spend the entire afternoon on its shores surrounded by a wild area. Again, it is important to calculate the time to go back to Villa La Angostura, so as not to be caught up by the nightfall.

Third Outing

This is the adrenaline tour. Again, we took Route 237 and then the road to Mount Bayo. We went six kilometers uphill following a gravel road. Those who find this too exhausting can choose to hire a shuttle to the base of the hill.

We used the ski resort chairlifts to go up to the Club Andino shelter carrying our bikes. We took a panoramic path starting at this spot and soon we were enjoying the view of the village, Mount Tronador, Victoria Island, Bariloche and the needles on top of Mount Catedral.

This is the same road that took us back to the base of the hill, where we stopped for lunch and to recover our energy. Once ready, we started our way back to Villa La Angostura: nine kilometers downhill. In spite of the adrenaline sensation, it is important to move carefully because the bikes may gain too much speed. Wearing a helmet is essential. This is a winding road that increases speed considerably.

Fourth Outing

This more picturesque and quiet tour offers higher contact with nature. We left Villa La Angostura heading for the port, which lies about 3 kilometers away from the town center. We came to a wooden pier ruled by Prefectura.

We were at the access to Los Arrayanes National Park / Quetrihué Peninsula. We went in to see the magnificent myrtle tree forest that covers twelve hectares. The main wonder are these trees with cinnamon color barks, but we also spotted several other species, such as palo santo, maitén and laurel. Likewise, birds like the Austral thrush and the black-crowned night herons appeared before us.

We felt a little tired on the way back but we still had one site to visit: the Assumption of Mary’s Chapel, which lies at the entrance of town coming from the port.

These are just some of the proposals available to tour around the surroundings of Villa La Angostura by bike. No matter which one you choose, a splendid time is guaranteed for all.
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