Green Lagoon Interpretive Trail

A green carpet took us down around the water body and we landed in a living forest that breathes through its tree species.
Nestled by very high foliage, the lagoon is enclosed by a neighborhood of houses and well-groomed gardens very near the Village downtown.

Upon our arrival, we followed the directions contained in the welcome sign: we silently made the circuit as indicated in the map without disturbing the birds. As we were not in a hurry, we decided to pay attention to all around us and walk at a slow pace.

Firstly, we had a truly amazing visual experience: the narrow trail seemed to be protected by a lush vegetation roof of old shady trees. Fungi growing on trees revealed the humidity in this area.

The breeze danced gently with the trees and the sound accompanied the chirping of birds hidden behind the higher branches. Our ears caught the echo of nature bringing a particular feeling to our soul. Now, the second astounding experience came to us through sound.
  • Several wooden footbridges

    Several wooden footbridges

  • Without disturbing the birds

    Without disturbing the birds

  • Their habitat

    Their habitat

  • Calm


Over there, where the forest was not so thick and the lagoon was near, there was a wooden seat waiting for us. Logs on the ground could also be used to sit down and take a rest, read or simply watch the landscape.

“Good morning!” we greeted to an old woman who was sitting down there with an open book. This fact confirmed what we had thought about this spot: it was ideal for reading.

As soon as we had just sat down and stopped talking, we became aware that birds had decided to call one another as if they were alone.

On some corners of the forests, several young myrtle trees found shelter under large cypress trees which seemed to accept the idea of naturally growing intertwined. Only the original color of the trunks allowed us to identify the distinctive species.

Sonata of the Forest

The palette of colors, shapes and flowers made us think about a sort of orchestra and its musicians.

The perfume of the environment and the fruit from some shrubs added a special touch to this place and everything gave rhythm to the environment.

Several wooden footbridges enabled us to get closer to the lagoon and we felt as if we were walking over the surface. However, their muddy waters confirmed the prohibition of swimming as indicated on a sign.

As we walked along the trail upholstered with coihue leaves, we found out a woodpecker tapping a tree trunk with its bill. Concentrated on the pursuit of small insects, this bird was unaware of our approach to its working area.

A little bit farther, we found that a white heron had decided to move from its shelter and started a short gliding over the water surface by softly flapping its large wings.

“Did you know this interpretive trail?” we were asked by some young residents riding bikes and proud of this place unknown by many people.

“No, but we believe it is incredible. We learned about it by word of mouth and we would like to make it known”, we replied.

Once we went through the gate, a twittering of birds bade us farewell and we were welcomed by that beautiful neighborhood of pretty houses and lovely gardens which lured us back to the village.
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Useful Data

How to get here: Visitors may have access through the backyard of the Chapel of the Assumption, located on Nahuel Huapi Avenue, on the way to the port. There is a sign and parking lot for vehicles.

Bear in mind: The details of this tour were courtesy of the Municipal Tourism Office, 93, 7 Lagos Avenue, Villa La Angostura.
The trail is one kilometer long and it takes about one hour on foot, walking at a slow pace.
This tour can be enjoyed either on foot or by bike.


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