Mountain Biking along the Old Road to Lake Espejo

Nature and challenge are experienced in a singular way on a mountain bike. We toured around the outskirts of Villa La Angostura following the old road to Lake Espejo: dirt trails with plenty of slopes.

A mountain bike offers unique possibilities: making direct contact with nature (without any engines or noises), getting to incredible sites, experiencing the challenge of the mountain, feeling speed and exploring every kilometer. During our visit to Villa La Angostura, we wanted to discover the mountain. Therefore, we approached a specialized operator, who recommended that we should go along the old road to Lake Espejo, whose name stands for “mirror” in Spanish.

We were given a perfect bicycle for this kind of tour. We also got the rest of the gear to make the outing more pleasant: a safety helmet and plenty of cool water.

When everything was ready, we went out with the guide along the streets of Villa La Angostura. A few blocks ahead, we took Route 231 northwards and finally left town. Our 12-kilometer tour had just started.

  • Without any engines or noises

    Without any engines or noises

  • Lake Espejo

    Lake Espejo

  • Making direct contact with nature

    Making direct contact with nature

  • In the core of the Patagonian mountain range

    In the core of the Patagonian mountain range

While we covered our first kilometer along the route, the guide took advantage of the moment to give us a couple of very important tips. The most important thing was to try and find our own rhythm on the bike. No one would hurry us and, even though we might feel tempted to go as fast as possible, we had to remember it was a long way. The second essential piece of advice was that we should drink water every fifteen minutes in order to avoid dehydration: a real easily-avoidable risk.

We soon left the route and took a downhill gravel road that led us to the shore of Lake Correntoso. During this first simple challenge, the guide explained to us once again how to use the gear properly in order to become adapted to the terrain.

We got past the beautiful beach of volcanic sand on the lake and left all the tourists and locals who were enjoying its waters behind. Then we reached the old wooden bridge over the Correntoso River. We stopped halfway through it in order to enjoy a view beyond compare featuring the lake and the Andes in the background.

To one side of the bridge, the trail narrowed down and the old road to Lake Espejo began. We had already cycled for seven kilometers. We got deep into a thick forest and crossed an area featuring many slopes and obstacles, such as sandy ground, fords and fallen trees. That was the most difficult part but the most gratifying in the entire ride. It was essential for us to use the gears in this part of the tour.

We crossed a deteriorated gate and entered the northern area of Nahuel Huapi national park. We began our high speed descent along the so-called "picada Coletti" (Coletti Slope). The guide had already explained how to use the brakes correctly in this kind of situation.

After the adrenaline, we took a stretch of the Seven-Lake Road and finally returned to the paved road. A little farther ahead, the viewpoint over Lake Espejo was waiting for us: it showed an amazing sight of its crystal-clear waters.

We had a short rest and enjoyed the scenery in front of us. Eventually, we started our way back, this time following Route 231.

Now we had to go downhill enjoying a great deal of panoramic points, such as the bridge over the Correntoso and Lake Nahuel Huapi. Before we could realize, we were entering Villa La Angostura through Arrayanes Avenue. Our adventure had taken two and a half hours.

Although we had cycled along 24 kilometers, there had been much more to it. Tired but in high spirits, we returned to our hotel.

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In the core of the Patagonian mountain range, surrounded by lakes, rivers and an ancient forest, there is a town resembling a shire: Villa La Angostura. It maintains the air, the harmony and quietness of a mountain village, ideal to relax and rest with the family.

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