Fishing at the Gesell's Pier

The pier is an emblematic space where both expert anglers and beginners get together and turn fishing into their favorite kind of entertainment.

Gesell’s Pier has stood there for several decades. This is a typical point at this tourist destination. The Fishing, Hunting and Nautical Club of Villa Gessell is in charge of maintaining it.

We reached the ocean drive and 128 Street in order to see it and use our net for the first time. Though we ourselves had little experience with it, we noticed there were plenty of people who were already immersed in the activity. We tried to find some space in order to cast. There is a rule that is not written anywhere regarding sports ethics. It sets forth that whoever gets to this pier must occupy a spot without invading their neighbors’ space.

The best moment to see the authentic life of the pier may be at night. When everyone goes to bed, the true anglers –the fans- arrive. They bring their best fishing tack. There is almost a kind of friendship among the anglers, as they share experiences, secrets and comments. They know how to assemble a floating or sinking line perfectly well. They are familiar with the basic knots and even the more elaborate ones to catch silverside. They are also aware of the right season for each fish or seafood to be caught. Their art will ensure that they return home carrying some sea bass or that they settle for the classic anchovy or shrimp.

  • Grown-ups and children

    Grown-ups and children

  • A desirable trophy

    A desirable trophy

  • Classic fishing

    Classic fishing

  • Sports ethics

    Sports ethics

Wearing warm clothes, holding the hip flask that provides a drink when the cold is felt, the lonely anglers are in their own world. They know better than anyone else that their prize may be found in the natural gutters formed close to the beach.

In general, the anglers are men, though sometimes some female fan of this sport joins in. They wait patiently for that coveted prey while sitting on their foldable chairs and enjoying mate. The lamps and the constant rattling of the waves breaking against the stilts that hold the pier are permanent companions. The glow of the rods moving may be appreciated from the shore. The human shapes are barely perceived. The berth features another perspective of the beautiful city with its lights on.

We spent a while there. As we left, we found a plate that pays tribute to a faithful dog named Pancho. According to that sign, he was next to his master for many years and stayed at this location even after his owner died. We also observed that the club has a beautiful restaurant with sea specialties that is a great success.

Over forty-year-old, this pier has always been praised by tourists and locals alike. We went back home carrying a few cornalitos, which we had caught with our poor mastery of the net.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

Bear in mindBear in mind: The Anglers Club Pier is open 24/7. A visitor’s access fee is charged.


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