Tourist Bus around Salta

There are always new alternatives to see beautiful Salta. In this case, a novel option is Bus Turístico Salta, which takes visitors down the most beautiful city in northern Argentina.

BTS, as this original service became popularly known, is a new way of touring around the City of Salta in a very independent fashion.

Created both for visitors and locals, this bus service takes passengers around the sights of one of the most beautiful cities in the country, both as far as its historical heritage and its natural tourist attractions are concerned.

Looking Inside and Outside

In addition to touring around the city in a different way, this new service lets passengers watch the various attractions in the province in modern LCD screens that are a part of the bus interior.

  • New alternatives to see beautiful Salta

    New alternatives to see beautiful Salta

  • The most beautiful city in northern Argentina

    The most beautiful city in northern Argentina

  • A Must Bus Ride

    A Must Bus Ride

  • A Luxury Typical from Salta

    A Luxury Typical from Salta

“It is incredible to see how different the city may look, much more open and relaxed than any other city tour. First I thought I should not get on, but when I heard those who had already taken the bus, I felt curious and here I am”, said Gregorio Lafuente, a neighbor from Salta that has already gone around the most important sites tourists come along to see.

A Must Bus Ride

Some of the must sights visitors can appreciate during the ride include Balcarce, Batalla de Salta, Palacio Legislativo, Catedral, Convento, Monumento a Quemes, Virrey, Portezuelo, Parque San Martín, La Viña, Paseo de los Poetas, Mercado Artesanal and Cabildo.

As it usually happens with new products, it is the users themselves who have the last word and give this young undertaking a new way of being incorporated in the market.

And it is them precisely who have been charmed with the Portezuelo stop, which features a spectacular and unique view of the entire city.

A Luxury Typical from Salta

According to authorities, it is a 2-and-a-half-hour service (approximately). Thus, passengers may get to see the sights of the City of Salta and catch a clear glimpse of the attractions they will want to see again.

“I never thought this was possible. I was fascinated with the Train to the Clouds but I never thought that there was such an excellent service in the city. The drivers are very polite and the conditions of the vehicles are outstanding” explained Amalia, who indulged herself by getting on the bus more than once.

Innovative from all points of view, Salta keeps surprising us. Its Train to the Clouds, its 4WD tours that take visitors down to impossible destinations and now its tourist bus known as Bus Salteño Turístico give clear proof that what man invents may perfectly harmonize with nature. We just need to do things right.

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Bus Turístico Salta

20 de Febrero 796 (4400) Salta, Salta

Tel: +54 387-4227798

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Bear in mindBear in mind: At the time of purchasing the tickets, visitors will receive an illustrative bilingual guide to the city.


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