Salta At Night

Beautiful Salta turns on its lights when the nigh falls. Each corner renovates its charm when the Moon is out. The main square, its cafés, Balcarce Street and the magic of the casino. The night is an invitation.

During the day, the 9 de Julio Square is beautiful from all points of view. At night, it becomes unique, marvelous. Sitting at the small surrounding cafés for a drink is a must. A temptation no one can resist.

Surrounded by Caseros, Zuviría, España and Mitre Streets, the 9 de Julio Square used to be the plot Hernando Lerma chose to found the city in 1582.

This cobbled square was first built as a fort, and it was the site used for military formations and to read the proclamations made by the King of Spain. Of course, the first popular celebrations were held there.

In 1871, it was resolved that it should be lighted with kerosene. Later on, the first benches were set for the elderly and to foster the reading of local newspapers.

  • The cathedral church

    The cathedral church

  • The historical Town Council building

    The historical Town Council building

  • When the night settles down

    When the night settles down

  • Its Italian architecture

    Its Italian architecture

  • Restaurants and cafés

    Restaurants and cafés

  • Beautiful Salta

    Beautiful Salta

It was not until 1920 that Salta began to receive the first details of national independence. A clearly French style fountain was inaugurated in the center of the square and is still preserved untouched and sparkling.

In 1992, the square was restored and its original style, as well as its large amount of trees, were respected.

The Cathedral and the historical Town Council building are two treasures. The cathedral church altar is made of gold and inside the sanctuary, images of the Lord and the Virgin of Miracles, patrons of the city since 1692, may be observed.

At night, its Italian architecture with its two symmetrical towers and its attractive dome turn this building into one of the most beautiful architectural works in our country. It creates the atmosphere of a fairy tale that is not present in any other capital city in our country. Not even in many-sided and beautiful Buenos Aires.

Lights Up and Down

Mount San Bernardo is the highest spot in the City of Salta, which was settled to the feet of this fertile and green mountain. A cable car service offers ascents and descents at San Martin park for visitors to appreciate the exact dimensions of this peculiar city.

But when the sun sets and the first lights of the urban shell begin to glitter, the view from the heights is a real postcard teeming with lights, white and yellow colors that not only spread across this vast valley but also get lost in the endless surrounding mounts.

When the night settles down, the gathering point for youths and adults is on solid ground. The folkloric peñas at Balcarce Street have become an icon of night life.

“La Balcarce”, as the citizens of Salta use to call it, has always paid homage to folkore and its people. Worldwide poets and singers, such as Jorge Cafrune, Juan Carlos Dávalos, Los Chalchaleros, El Chaqueño Palavecino and el Cuchi Leguizamón have gathered together there.

The military dictatorship first and the privatization of the railway later slowed down the rhythm of the street, which was thrown into oblivion and melancholy.

However, today it has recovered the splendor it once lost. Once again, the youths have accurately recycled the popular folklore from the North of Argentina, thus recovering zamba and chacarera, and giving the night a special color with the peñas, restaurants and cafés that populate this street, which is old and modern at the same time.

The Casino is another attraction in the City of Salta. Luck becomes materialized through an infinite variety of slot machines or the classical roulette tables which, though only about numbers, have their own poetry.

A poetry which may be perceived every night in the main square, in the surrounding cafés, in the Balcarce Street peñas, in the restaurants and even in the Casino. A simple kind of poetry only taught by the Moon and easily forgotten at sunrise.

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