Estancia Monte Dinero

One of the best known in Patagonia, this estancia opens up its gates to show visitors the lifestlyle of a rural venue devoted to sheep husbandry.

Monte Dinero in Cabo Vírgenes is a model venue that offers an excellent chance to enjoy rural tourism. There we went on our truck following a harsh rubble road. The cold wind was our traveling companion. We spotted a hamlet with green roofs where the main house stood out. The Strait of Magellan appeared in the background.

The inn is called La Casa Grande (The Big House) and it was our destination, where we were welcomed by our hosts. The rooms, dining-room, sitting-room and the aroma of home-made food coming from the kitchen made us feel as if we were at home from the very beginning.

The building is over a hundred years old and houses a combination of period furniture with elements of modern comfort. The Fenton family has owned this venue and devoted to sheep husbandry for five generations. They personally make sure that this tourist undertaking may encourage visitors to take part in the daily tasks at the estancia.

  • A model venue

    A model venue

  • Cabo Vírgenes Lighthouse

    Cabo Vírgenes Lighthouse

  • A rural venue devoted to sheep husbandry

    A rural venue devoted to sheep husbandry

  • Classic stay food

    Classic stay food

Sheep shearing, branding, classification of wool, cattle drives and artificial insemination carried out at this model venue take place at different seasons and may be observed by guests. We had the chance to enjoy a rodeo performed by expert dogs. Just a clear command will make them dominate the movements of the sheep without disturbing them.

Lunch was simple but tasty, based on meat, vegetables and fruit grown in the estancia. We sacrified our nap and accepted the invitation to go to Cabo Vírgenes Lighthouse on a truck. The quiet road displayed great bustards, choiques and foxes. An exquisite cup of hot chocolate at Al Fin y al Cabo Coffee House gave us energy and let us go on the scheduled walk towards the penguin colony.

The name 'Monte Dinero' refers to a small elevation located behind the estate and to two past events. One is related to the repeated shipwrecks on the way to the Strait of Magellan, where the strong local winds made vessesls lose their gold coins. The other has to do with the settlement of gold seekers who came along in search of gold sand in the area.

As we returned to the inn, another hiking tour around the area was awaiting. Then the sun set and we searched for warmth next to the woodstove in the living-room. It was time to rest, chat and bid farewell.

Once again, the smell of homemade cooking announced dinner for those who were spending the night at this location. We went back to the road after promising to return and enjoy this pleasant and silent life in the Patagonian countryside for some days. The contact with rural tasks disconnected us from the hustle and bustle of the city and gave some peace to our souls.

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Monte Dinero

Ruta Prov. 1 Km. 100 Cabo Virgenes, Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 2966-428922

Tour typeTour type: agricultural tourism / rural tourism /horseback riding
DifficultyDifficulty: Low
How to get hereHow to get here: The penguin colony is reached by driving 120 kilometers south of Río Gallegos along Provincial Route 1. The access to estancia Monte Dinero lies on the right.
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