The Valley

Apples (photo: Jorge González)Apples (photo: Jorge González)
When it comes to the best pears and apples in Argentina, reference is made to the excellent weather conditions in the Valley, the fruit producing area in the provincia de Río Negro, from the city of Cipolleti onwards.

The venues located in the three stretches of the Valley of Río Negro (Upper, Medium and Inferior) open their gates to tourists interested in seeing the tasks carried out there. Some of them offer the chance to take part in those tasks, seeing how the fruit is packed, touring around the cider factories and tasting fresh fruit and their byproducts. Due to the high export demand, all of them involve modern highly safe processes as far as quality and health are concerned.

The City of General Roca is the seat of the National Apple Festival and Allen hosts the National Pear Festival. In both cases, the attendance of the public changes the typical labor hours for days and nights of celebration.

Small wineries, homemade wine producers, make up a route in Northern Patagonia. Visits to their facilities, as well as to the venues producing fruit, give life to the fertile Valley of Río Negro.

Tours and Activities

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Hundred-Year-Old Winery in Rio Negro

A visit to Humberto Canale Winery, a wine-growing pioneer in Patagonia, unveils its modern processes of wine-making for export.

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Apples National Festival

Like every year, the cities in the Río Negro Valley (having General Roca as a venue) dress in full regalia to honor one of the most perfect fruits created by nature: the apple.

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Life Stories at the Vintter Museum

Vintter Museum, as all the museums in the region, gives evidence of the life periods of the peoples with jealously kept facts and circumstances.

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The Rich Valley

Alto Valle is known for its export-quality fruit production. A tour around the farms shows us this important component of the economy of the region.

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San Martín Square and its Artisans

Every weekend afternoon, the main square at General Roca welcomes local artisans who occupy colorful stands where their goods are offered for sale.

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Saint Rita's Sanctuary in Ferri

The simplicity of Saint Rita's Chapel has become a space for faith, visited by those who acknowledge her miracles and pay worship.

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A Visit to Allen’s Municipal Museum

This place is beautiful, not only for the history it houses but also for the great deal of cultural activities held in it. A space specially recovered for visitors to enjoy.

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