Cipolletti Cipolletti - Photos 1 & 3: Jorge González. 2: Patricio Cancellarich

The City of Cipolletti is a mandatory reference when it comes to the valley of the province of Río Negro.

Its name pays tribute to Italian engineer César Cipolletti, whose research on the Colorado, Neuquén, Limay and Negro Rivers made it possible to transform these lands into a real oasis.

Its farms with fruit tree orchards, among which apple and pear trees stand out, have made this location famous all round the country and the world.

"Cipo", as referred to by its dwellers, is separated from the City of Neuquén by the enchanting and transparent Limay River, where great specimens of rainbow and brown trout are caught during the fishing season.

Quiet but having a pace of its own, cultural activities and social life are evident in its nightlife. Cipolletti has everything to entertain visitors and those who have chosen to inhabit it.

Museums, among which the Carlos Ameghino stands out, and other interesting attractions provide visitors a general idea of the nature and history revolving around this region.

A delightful city that invites travelers to make a stop on their way to some other destination in Argentinian Patagonia.

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