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General Roca General Roca - Photos: Jorge González

One of the most densely populated areas in Argentinian Patagonia may be reached by taking National Route 22 at Bahía Blanca: the City of General Roca.

Its origins date back to the times of the Conquest of the Desert, which gave life to what would become a booming population surrounded by farms and regional crops, with a rich cultural and social activity. As the city was taking shape, groups of immigrants, especially German and French, arrived in the area and settled down near the famous fort.

Modern, with historical buildings preserved for the delight of visitors, General Roca is one of the most thriving cities in Río Negro.

Club Deportivo Roca, a real local institution that takes part in one of the most significant championships in Argentinian football (Torneo Argentino B), is located in the district. There is also an authentic temple for fans of car racing: Parque Ciudad de General Roca circuit.

Its swim holes on the river in the summer or the farms with apple and pear tree plantations in the spring are some of the must visits. The High Valley, known for its fruit production for export, is a classic in the area.

Some wineries of Río Negro have settled down in the city and offer guided tours.

“Roca”, as referred to by everyone, has the charms of a great city and the typical features of a town. In spite of its thousands of denizens, everyone knows one another.

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