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The cities of Viedma and Carmen de Patagones have several things in common.

Capital of the Province of Río Negro, Viedma is reckoned the access gate to coastal Patagonia. On the other side of the river, there lies neighboring Carmen de Patagones, a district in the south of the Province of Buenos Aires.

The cities are divided by the last stretch of the Río Negro (Black River) and joined through a bridge for vehicles that gives way to a permanent interaction among their people.

The origin of this settlement dates back from April, 22, 1779. It was then when a village made up by Leonese, Galician and Asturian families was founded. They came along to find shelter in the fort of the Río Negro, then called "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (Our Lady of Mount Carmel).

They both feature interesting tourist attractions. Carmen de Patagones is the most historical, whereas Viedma is a modern administrative center nowadays.

Ecological and estancia tourism, tours around history or circuits to enjoy the river and the proximity of the sea. There is a wide range of possibilities at these two beautiful cities which also offer a great variety of accommodation venues and gastronomic locations, along with first-class services to entertain all visitors.

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