San Martín Square and its Artisans

The varied productions and the constant movement of people that revolves around the artisans market give the square a festive touch throughout the year.

San Martín Square occupies the block surrounded by San Martín, Mitre and España Streets and Roca Avenue. It is at this downtown location in General Roca that the artisans market displays items made by hand. It is a unique element and that is why both locals and tourists protect it jealously.

When the weekend afternoons are nice, a great deal of stands are usually assembled and people walk up and down about the square paths all around. The items for sale are displayed at each of the stands and it is usual to see the artisans at work there. The creations are as varied as the materials used: leather, wool, pottery, metal and acrylic are but some of them.

For hours, the owners of the stands let visitors observe, touch and even try on the elements of personal adornment –such as ear-rings, necklaces and rings- before they buy them. Also, jam and home-brewed beer, paintings, sculptures, outfits, footwear and knives are offered for sale.

On certain occasions, regional food tasting sessions are organized and well-received by attendants. Besides, circus shows usually complete the offer. Thus, magicians, jugglers, puppets and clowns amuse both grown-ups and children in exchange for a voluntary contribution. In addition to the strong cultural identity, the artisans market contributes the fact of being an economic activity that provides support for them and their families.

  • A festive touch

    A festive touch

  • Downtown location in General Roca

    Downtown location in General Roca

  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Carmen

    Cathedral of Our Lady of Carmen

  • Homage to Maurice Closs

    Homage to Maurice Closs

During the week, many of these artisans have their own stores on Mitre and España Streets, along with other weavers of Mapuche items made with wool spun by hand. Both options are entertaining for the entire family.

The design and manufacture of unique objects is the basis of success in artisans markets, as well as a traditional component offered by the members of the native communities through their items woven in the loom.

The City of General Roca offered many good surprises and the artisans market was one of them.

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