Calchaquí Valleys

Cachi, Salta Province (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)Cachi, Salta Province (photo: Eduardo Epifanio)
Going on the famous roundtrip around the Calchaquí Valleys is a must for all those who wish to see Argentina. Well-known for its vineyards and wineries, the City of Cafayate perfectly represents the spirit of the region, completed by the small village of Cachi. The latter is a sample of the hundreds of halmets and settlements that shelter barely a handful of dwellers but succeed in captivating visitors with their looms, handicrafts, cheese and adobe constructions.

The centennial museums and churches are reminiscent of the passing of the Incas and the Jesuits through the area. Las Conchas Ravine, the famed Amphitheater and the Devil's Throat are just three of the hundreds of rock formations that render visitors speechless and with weary eyes after beholding so much beauty.

Tours and Activities

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Winery Colomé, 1831 harvest

157 km from Cachi, nestled in an impeccable and hidden nook of the Calchaquíes valleys, Colomé jealously grows the most ancient vines in the country.

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El Esteco Winery, Premium Wines

This guided tour around one of the emblematic wineries in Cafayate is an excellent occasion to broaden our knowledge and taste boutique Argentinian wine.

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Cafayate Wineries

The wineries of Cafayate open their gates to lovers of good wine offering their grapes to all visitors. A great time to taste the various specialties and take home some top quality wine.

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Cachi City Tour, White Town of Mine

Along its small streets of dust and stone, as described in a song by Joan Manuel Serrat, Cachi unveils itself for travelers who approach to discover its archeological and cultural wealth.

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Las Nubes Rural Estate

At the foot of El Cajón Hill, 5 kilometers away from Cafayate, Las Nubes Rural Estate is located. It is an exceptional piece of land enclosed by carob trees, cardons, terraces and millenary ruins...

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Cachi Archeological Museum

The small village of Cachi keeps an unimaginable archeological and anthropological treasure in its surroundings. A place worth visiting with eyes wide open.

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Oliver Wine Bar, Eating Properly

Oliver Wine Bar is a distinctive place in Cachi and in the entire region. Not only will customers eat properly but they will also experience unique sensations that will invite them to stay for a while longer.

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Hiking around "El Divisadero" Ruins

Seven kilometers away from Cafayate to the Southeast, you can go around an old Diaguita- Calchaquí settlement and appreciate important vestiges of this Ethnos opencast.

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Torrontés Wine, Holy Water

Vineyards and wineries shelter the grapes that have made them famous all over the world. The torrontés, of white aspect, dark character and always dressed in fruit, has a matchless taste.

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